Residents enjoy a splashing good time on the big pond

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This week we decided to move all our swans and cygnets onto the big pond. They all needed more water as the little ones only had a small water bath.

We moved the two swans and larger cygnets that were using the pond by themselves, off for a day while we cleaned out the pond and refilled it.

We then moved the nine smaller cygnets and the Eider duckling (now two thirds grown) on to the pond by themselves to get used to the size of the water.

They were all a bit worried and stayed on the edge but one of the smallest cygnets paddled in followed by the Eider.

Two minutes later they were all in. The Eider just went mad, diving under the water and startling the cygnets when he rose to the surface with a whoosh right next to them.

Some of the smaller cygnets decided that must be how it was done. Several of them tried to dive right under like the Eider.

They were so excited to play in the water. They were like children splashing and rushing about.

We gave them an hour or so to settle down before we let the big four in with them.

We watched to see if there would be any bullying but they all settled down together very well as you will see from the photo.

This week we also had our Open Day. Sadly it was very wet but we were pleased with the turnout.

We managed to raise £364 plus three mackerel which were brought in for the gull chicks.

Thank you to everyone who came and supported us. It was nice to see more children come along.

Unusually for this time of year we have ten hedgehogs in now. Some had met with accidents with strimmers and some were covered with ticks. More about them next week.

David came this week and wormed all our cygnets. He also shaped up the Buzzard’s beak so he now has a nice hooked upper bill.

His beak was broken when he was hit by a vehicle several months ago. We have had to cut up his food as he was unable to tear the meat apart himself.

He has been starved for a couple of days and now has a whole rabbit which he will have to deal with himself.

A Tawny Owl which had also been hit by a vehicle has recovered very well and will be released this week.

It has been lovely to see him flying the length of the Lomax Aviary and landing very accurately.

Today we had a Roe Deer fawn brought in. It had been found on a road with no cover around.

It was very placid and although we could see no injury he died a couple of hours later.

We are planning an Isolation Room for animals and birds with infectious diseases.

We are waiting for building quotes and then we shall have to find the money to complete the work.

More on this next week.

As ever, we are always on the lookout for volunteers, just get in touch.