Pets looking for new homes at open day

We really hope you will join us this Saturday (May 30), for our Kennel Open Day as well as our Plant Sale.

The kennels will be open between 10.30am and 1pm. In addition to our plant stall, there will be a chance to have a browse of our BARK stall, buy a raffle ticket and have a hot drink and a piece of cake.

It has been particularly busy at the kennels this last couple of weeks with lots of animals finding new homes, but sadly others coming in to fill their spaces all too quickly.

Some come with sad stories but not all. Two big dogs, who aren’t a year old yet, that joined us this week are Vinny and Luna, who are some type of large bull breed cross. They are soft lumps where Vinny is a bit more cautious Luna just charges straight in.

On the other end of the scale we have a few smaller dogs in, including Bailie a chocolate poodle. We have no doubt there will be lots of people after this youngster.

Although our cat runs are very full a lot of the cats are either not old enough to be reserved yet or are bringing up (or as we write expecting) their family. All but one of the mum’s will be looking for homes at our open day and the kittens will be able to be seen, although a little young to go to their new homes.

The three degus are such a fun and entertaining trio, we hope they show their colours at our open day and they will get themselves a new home too.

If the weather is fine all the rabbits will get outside in their outside runs, if not they’ll be inside in The Hop Inn. It’s hard to believe a year has passed since the official opening of our, now not so, new rabbit accommodation.

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