New aviary at Rollo Centre is making good progress

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With all this nice weather Jim is able to make good progress on the new aviary. It is beginning to look very good. It will be a very useful size for growing birds.

Jim and his colleagues have made some brilliant improvements to the Rollo Centre over the last 12 months.

A couple of days ago we took in a hedgehog from Holy Island. It was very thin and cold with a wound by its ear. We cleaned the wound but did not attempt to do much more for the poor thing as it was very weak. We tried to give it some glucose water but it was too weak to swallow. Kay injected saline solution under the skin to try to rehydrate the animal.

There was also a distinct smell of fox coming from the hog. As it was so cold and weak we put it in the Vetario with a heat pad and a fleecy blanket and gave it time to recover. We were not hopeful of the outcome. When we checked the Vetario a couple of hours later the poor animal had died. The warmth of the heat pad had increased the odour of fox somewhat too.

We can only surmise that the hedgehog came out of hibernation a little weak and was attacked by the fox who managed to nip it by its ear. Then as it curled up the fox probably urinated on it for good measure. We did our best for it but it was not a good ending.

We also have a little rabbit still with us as we want it to grow a bit bigger before we release it. It is a very lively thing and impossible to keep hold of, I had difficulty getting a picture. A cat had caught it and took it home at Foulden. There are no rabbits near to the house so we are not sure where it came from.

It needs to be able to defend itself from other rabbits if we put him with strangers. He is a cute thing and is eating very well so hopefully won’t be with us long.

The heron we have in from Burnmouth is now having to have the wounds on his head bathed each day and fresh cream applied. He does not like this one little bit but the vet is hoping this will encourage new skin growth so it is being done for his own good. He still is not feeding for himself so we have to open up his beak and ‘encourage him’ by pushing fish in. He swallows them readily enough but will not pick them up for himself. We are hoping his wounds will improve enough to send him back to his rock pools.

We were hoping to get our overwintering cygnets away this weekend but the wind was so strong we decided to leave it for a few days. We shall try again this week but the weather forecast does not make me optimistic.

We would like to have them away now as soon as possible as this is the time that last year’s youngsters are being sent off by their parents and they will have some company.

Dick has certainly noticed this in Eyemouth as Jock and Jenny are telling their children it is time to make their own way in the world. It is hard to see the youngsters treated in this way but that is the way things are.