Borders horse show committiee hand over Charities cheques
Borders horse show committiee hand over Charities cheques

25 years ago

▼ A 77-year-old widow struggled for over eight hours to free herself after masked raiders broke into her country home, tied her up and robbed her of a quantity of very expensive jewellry and around £2,000 in cash. Evelyn Vincent, of Hume Hall, near Greenlaw, had gone to bed at around 10pm last Wednesday evening when the three masked men forces entry into her house. The raiders, who spoke with Irish accents, burst in and tied Mrs Vincent up before forcing open a safe and getting away with cash and items worth thousands. After freeing herself, Mrs Vincent found that her telephone lines had been cut, so had to go to a neighbour’s house to raise the alarm.

t PLANS to build the cornerstone of a multi-million pound poultry development in Berwickshire received backing from councillors this week. At Berwickshire District Council;’s Industry Committee meeting on Tuesday, members unanimously supported proposals by Hamish Morison Ltd to build two chicken units at a cost of £2m on the outskirts of the villages of Eccles and Leitholm. The principle of the development received further backing from the Chairman of Borders Regional Council’s Planning Committee, Councillor Michaelle Burns Greig.

t FOR Duns & District Round Table it was a case of ‘hard to bear’ on Tuesday when Berwickshire District Council’s Environmental Services Committee slapped a ban on Hercules the Bear appearing at their annual July Spree. Hercules, who has proved a real crowd puller at hundreds of charity events all over the country, was to have been the star attraction at the Round Table’s popular fundraising event to be held in Duns Public Park. But organisers then found out the District Council had agreed to ban circus acts from council owned ground.

t THE likelihood of an exploratory feasibility study into a major tourist facility at Lamberton Toll came a big step nearer this week. On Monday, the Northumberland Rural Development Committee agreed to give their backing and on Tuesday the Employment Committee approved a grant for it. With Berwickshire District and Borders Region support the £15,000 needed for the study is now virtually assured.

t THE bones of a young girl- believed to have been a murder victim more than 550 years ago- which were found during an archaeological dig in Berwickshire are at the centre of a dispute. The bizarre dispute is between the Border Burgh’s Archaeology Project and Berwickshire District Council, and details of it has been revealed by the project manager, Dr Piers Dixon. He said in 1984 he tried to persuade the District Council to reinter the remains of the 14 year old girl. But the council asked for £80 to cover the cost.

t THE restoration works to Gunsgreen House are well in hand and Berwickshire District Council are to call in the assistance of an architect with experience in historic buildings. He is Mr Jim Bain of Messrs Bain Swan, Eyemouth He will work along with the Historic Buildings and Ancient monuments Departments on the restoration project.

t ORGANISATIONS and groups in Dunbar have agreed to support the restoration of the town’s Parish Church. The backing was given at a meeting last week, at which ideas for fundraising for the restoration were proposed and discussed. Events motted, or in the pipeline, include a concert in the Usher Hall, a golf day, a choral day in the Bellevue Hotels, an accordion concert and a sponsored wheelbarrow push from Dunbar to Whitekirk, North Berwick, East Linton and Haddington.

50 years ago

t The removal of pre-fab houses at Eyemouth is now well in hand.

t A certain amount of discomfort and overcrowding, alleged by prisoners detained in the guardroom of the Berwick Depot of Kings’ Own Scottish Borderers/Royal Scots was brough on by the men themselves said Mr John Profumo, the War Minister, last week.

t THE Chief Food and Dairy Officer of the Department of Health for Scotland, in a recent report submitted to the Health and Welfare Committee of the County Council , has stated that it was gratifying to report that the general standard of hygiene practised by dairymen throughout Berwickshire district was good.

t A NEW venture recently, in the form of Duns Amateur Football Club, is now showing signs of maturing, and they have great hopes for the future. Under the presidency of Mr Tom Hood, and the able coaching of Mr D Young, Preston, this young club has gone from strength to strength.

t BERWICKSHIRE Hunt experimented on Wednesday when they held their first ever mid-week point-to-point meeting at Drakemyre, near Grantshouse. Since its inauguration in 1946, the point-to-point has takehn place on a Saturday and the decision to switch the day had some effect on the attendance, which was below average.

▼ WHILE approving of a report for coastal developments in the east of the county, the Berwickshire Roads Committee were of the opinion they could not find the necessary money to carry them out. The scheme is estimated to cost in the region of £15,000. Bottlenecks with traffic are gnerally encountered at the beaches or on the road immediately leading to them. The police have reported congestion at St Abbs and Coldingham in particular during the last few years. Dunglass Estgate are not desirous of developing Pease Bay. They prefer to leave it in its natural state.

t THE Committee on Scottish Salmon and Trout Fisheries are now ready to receive evidence. Organisations and individuals interested in the subjects covered by the committee’s remit are invited to send written evidence to the Secretary of the Committee. The committee was appointed to review the law relating to salmon and trout fisheries in Scotland, including the Tweed, and its operation, with special reference to the constitution, powers and functions of district boards, and the responsibilities of the Secretary of State, and to consider in the light of current scientific knowledge the extent to which fishing for salmon and trout by any method, whether in inland waters or in the sea should be regulated, and to recommend such changes in the law as might be thought desirable.

t frost damage is now apparent on many roads throughout the district of Berwickshire and repairs in pot-holing will be attempted as soon as weather permits.

t Owing to the fact that Duns Football Club were using their pitch on Saturday, the game arranged between Duns and Chirnside in connection wi the Berwickshire League was not played. It will now be played on Saturday.

t IT seems that more than a few farmers in the county have been experiencing trouble from rally motorists.

100 years ago

▼ THE Committee of Berwickshire, at its meeting in Duns agreed on the motion of the chairman (Major Hunter of Anton’s Hill) to adopt a report from the sub-committee, appointed to inspect the road from below Cranshaws Post Office to the boundary with East Lothian, recommending that the work of making a new road, with the necessary bridges, be proceeded with in co-operation with the East Lothian Committee, provided they can come to reasonable terms with that committee. The probable estimated, submitted by the road committee, put the cost of the proposed road at £1750, and there was a reduced estimate of £1450. The decision to go ahead was unanimousbut the financial aspect had not yet been agreed to.

▼ IN the Border league game between Chirnside and Coldstream at Home Park from the commencement of play it was evident that there was some feeling between the players and the referee, having difficulty in keeping the players in hand, many unsportsmanlike tactics were in evidence. Just on time a “scene” took place, which from a spaectator’s point of view was most undesirable and these kind of incidents will tell on the gates of future matches if they are not put down. Exceedingly rough tactics were being indulged in, Chirnside being the chief offenders. In the closing minute of the game the worst scene of the contest took place. From a corner kick the ball was blown into Smith’s goal without touching a player, Chirnside claimed a goal which the referee rightly disallowed. The Chirnside linesman entered the field fo play with the intention apparently of arguing the point with the referee, but the Coldstream custodian interrupted his progress, and the two getting into grips favoured the spectators with a wrestling bout. After much hustling some of the Chirnside players left the field, followed by other members of the team

▼ NOT only a ‘Stay-at-Home’ Easter has it been on the Borderland but ‘a wild Easter’. During the whole weekend there has been a succession of violent westerly gales and much rain. Probably yesterday’s capped the lot. The wind has been going at 74mph.

▼ an interesting archaeological find is reported from Broomdykes, on the estate of Blackadder. While ploughing in a field the farm stewart came across a stone-built grave or cist. The grave was empty apart from a remarkably fine urn. It is thought it may be classed as one of those urns which are commonly found association with interments of the Bronze Age, which is supposed to have terminated about the period of the Roman invasion.

▼ LENNEL Golf Club met on Thursday evening and agreed to hold a monthly medal competition.

▼ OPENING services were held on Sunday morning and afternoon in connection with the new organ and the alterations at Langton Parish Church. The organ is a gift of the congregation, assisted by many kind friends.

▼ THE large herring boat, Fisher Lassie (owned by Mr Andrew Gordon of St Andrews) has been sold. Last Thursday her new owner and crew took the boat to the Berwickshire village of St Abbs where she is now to be stationed.