Duke of Edinburgh Ceremony at Duns
Duke of Edinburgh Ceremony at Duns

25 years ago

▼ DUns School Council have recommended that the catchment area for Berwickshire High School be increased to include Hutton Primary School. This follows a plea from the Hutton School Parents Association who are wanting their children to attend Berwickshire High School instead of Eyemouth High School. In a letter to the school council, Hutton parents stated that 90 per cent of parents of all present and future pupils at Hutton School wanted the change.

▼ ALTHOUGH the Prime Minister says she has not yet decided when the next General Election will be, the Conservative Party looked to be ‘rallying the troops’ for an election battle when Sir Geoffrey Howe and Lady Olga Maitland visited Roxburgh and Berwickshire this week. Sir Geoffrey arrived in Duns last Thursday to attend a function organised by the Conservative Constituency in the White Swan Hotel and on Tuesday Lady Olga travelled to a coffee morning in Chirnside; had afternoon tea at Duns Castle and another afternoon tea in Eyemouth.

▼ DUNS School Council has recommended to the Regional Council that the name of the Berwickshire High School should not be changed to Duns High School. In a report to the School Council, James McLean, director of education for Borders Regional Council, asked them to consider the name. He said the title Berwickshire High School was misleading as Eyemouth High School had equal status and there was also a risk of confusion with Berwick High School. However, Duns School Council said the name should stay as it had already served Berwickshire well.

▼ ONE of Berwickshire’s community development organisations, the Council of Social Service, has launched a campaign to generate funds. The council expect a reduction in the funding it receives from Central Government, and as a result will find it necessary to generate funds from alternative sources. In a letter sent out to various organisations and individuals in the district, the Council say they need the funds to “enable us to continue to provide the valuable service to the community throughout Berwickshire as efficiently in the future as has been done in the past.”

▼ BERWICKSHIRE District Council’s decision last week to overspend Government guidelines could lead to a 20 per cent increase in the District Rate next year. This was revealed to councillors when they agreed to raise the rate for the comiong financial year by 0.5p to 9.5p in the pound- the first increase for three years. The new rate was set to help cover the cost of the overspend, £42,000, which the council decided should be included in the budget to employ six additional manual workers for the Environmental Services Department.

▼ BORDER Television’s coverage of the eastern Borders came under attack from a councillor last week. Speaking at a meeting of Berwickshire DIstrict Council, Councillor John Aitchison said the coverage in the area was “very poor.” He said that while a murder in Cumbria would be on every news bulletin during a day, a similar incident in the eastern Borders would be “lucky” to get mentioned once.

▼ CHIRNSIDE’s boxing internationalist Ian Duff may be forced to quit the game following an injury to his hand. Ian, a heavyweight, has reached the final of the Scottish Championship in the last two years and just earned his first international vest. He was to have taken part in the Scottish Championships again this year but has already withdrawn because of his broken hand and thinks he’ll be out of action for at least the rest of the year and could end his career altogether.

50 years ago

▼ DAMAGE estimated at £5000 was caused at the Northburn Caravan Camp, Eyemouth, on Friday - when a 100 mile an hour gale devastated the site which overlooks the harbour. Twelve caravans were damaged, five so severely they have been written off.

t WHEN fire threatened to sweep through cottages at a Berwickshire farm on Sunday, farm workers formed a bucket chain to keep the outbreak under control until the arrival of the fire brigade. At Middlethird Farm, near Gordon, the farm steward discovered the outbreak which is believed to have originated near the chimney and spread to roof beams.

t COLDSTREAM Town Council decided last week to take no further action in a proposal to join the county’s Watch Water scheme.

t FOR over a hundred years, the waters of the Tweed have been blessed at a ceremony at Pedwell Fishery, Norham, before the start of the fishing season. This year was no exception, and the traditional ceremony was carried out at the fishery at midnight on Wednesday. In silence, the large crowd watched the first boat being launched and as Norham Church clock struck 12 o’clock the nets were hauled in.

t BERWICKSHIRE Fiars Court was held at Duns on Friday, when the following prices were agreed fo the 1961 crop. Wheat per Imperial quarter of 504lbs £3 -17-8d, Merse barley 448lbs , £3-12- 11d, Lammermuir barley 449 lbs £3-11s, Merse oats 336lbs £2-11-11, Lemmermuir oats 336lbs £2-12-3d.

t EYEMOUTH people braved a gale on Thursday to turn out at a meeting and support the idea of building a swimming pool in the burgh. It was felt that the pool would be an asset to the area, and an attraction to tourists, and it was emphasised that the vital question of cost was not needing to be discussed at this stage.

t five instruments, once part of the equipment of Coldstream Silver Band, can not be located it was revealed at a meeting of the Town Council last week. An offer of £120 has been made for the band instruments which Bailie J M Carrick reported, were in a deplorable condition. It was recommended that the offer should be accepted.

t AT the beginning of the East of Scotland League fixture between Civil Service Strollers and Duns on Saturday, the ‘Dingers’ made little impression. By half-time, however, they had settled down and their second half display was worthy of their 3-0 victory. The game was played under ideal conditions.

t A MYSTERY is beginning to grow around the announcement that the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are to visit Coldstream on July 5. While residents are already planning for the big day, Coldstream Town Council has so far had no official notification. An official of the Scottish Home Department confirmed to the ‘News’ that the visit was on. But when Coldstream Town Council met on Tuesday, Provost R G Linklater said that neither he, nor the town clerk had heard anything about the visit, other than what had appeared in the press and on television. Councillor J M Davidson advised members not to take anything for granted at this stage, that the visit would be an official one. It could be only a private visit - The Hirsel, home of Lord Home, Foreign Secretary, is only a mile from Coldstream.

100 years ago

t A NOVEL class has been established in the little fishing village of St Abbs, on the Berwickshire coast, whereby the fishermen - whose earnings have, since the growth of the ‘trawling evil’, been a mere pittance - may obtain situations which will bring them in between £5 and £12 per week. Some time ago, a large steamer, the Alfred Erlandsen, sank with all hands on deck just off St Abbs and recently Mr Wm Pearce, a diver, came to work upon the submerged wreck. Miss Jane Hay, St Abbs Haven, joint secretary of the lifeboat committee, and through whose instrumentality a motor lifeboat has been obtained for the village, took advantage of the diver’s presence to found a class for the purpose of teaching diving to the fisher lads, some of whom have already obtained lucrative employment, one of them in Australia.

▼ Berwickshire branch of the National Union of Suffrage Societies has sent the following statement: In the opinion of the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies no new situation has been created in the King’s Speech. It is now clear that the widely circulated rumours that the Government were about to drop the reform bill and to proceed only with a pural voting will, were unfounded, and that opportunities will be afforded during the session in Fulfilment of the pledges of the Prime Minister for the House of Commons to adopt an amendment to the Reform Bill, conferring the franchise on women.

▼ THE Tweed Commissioners are a public body, and exist for the purpose of protecting and improving the supply of salmon for the double purpose of increasing the food supply of the people as well as providing sport for the angler. The latter pays a very heavy price on the Tweed in a tax equal to 20 per cent on his rent which goes to the funds of the Commissioners

▼ AT East Lothian Eastern District Committee in Dunbar a report on proposed new road and bridges near Cranshaws was submitted. The scheme is one between the middle district of Berwickshire and the Eastern District of East Lothian for the erection of bridges to span the Whitadder at Harehead and the Bothwell at St Agnes and also for another bridge over the Whitadder at Millknowe. A result of the scheme will be to give a very much shorter route by the middle district of Berwickshire towards Edinburgh and doing away with fords.

▼ THERE was held on Satruday afternoon in the Drill Hall, Chirnside, a sale of work for the purpose of raising a fund to meet the necessary financial expenditure in connection with Chirnside Voluntary Aid Detachment British Red Cross Society.

▼ SOME weeks ago there appeared in ‘The Berwick Journal’ an important article on the utterly inadequate state of defence of both the Berwickshire and north Northumberland coastlines. In the course of the article it was stated that it is no play with words to say that a German invasion of this country means most serious consequences for our shores between St Abbs in Berwickshire and Holy Island in Northumberland. No part of the coast is more vulnerable, or more accessible for a landing than near Marshall Meadows or near Scremerston. Either locality favours the invader, who once there seizes the railway and telegraph, both of which here almost touch high water mark. St Abbs to Holy Island is distinctly in the danger zone in the event of a war with Germany.