Reston FC line up in 1987
Reston FC line up in 1987
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25 years ago

▼ DESIGN modifications were carried out at Torness Power Station this week to prevent a recurrence of damage to reactors found in tests last year. The tests showed a design weakness in a vital safety feature, the control rods, which the South of Scotland Electricity Board said had been caused by oscillation. Additional tests have since been carried out to find the best way to eliminate the trouble and a spokesperson for the SSEB said they had every confidence that modifications being carried out this week would cure the problem.

▼ THE Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, the Right Rev. Robert Craig, revealed on a visit to Dunbar last week the authority has been given to re-build the town’s Parish Church. He broke the news, shortly before visiting the church, which was destroyed by fire last month, on Friday. The Moderator was in Dunbar dyuring a 10 day visit to the Lothian Presbytery- the first by a moderator in 10 years.

▼ COUNCILLOR James Evans, chairman of Berwickshire District Council claims that the council are “signing a blank cheque” and “pouring money down the drain” when it comes to financing Duns Swimming Pool. Councillor Evans also claimed that the council were unable to take on much needed additional manual staff because of the fact that they are having to pay over £83,000 towards the running of the pool when they don’t even have a say in how it should be run.

▼ PUPILS attending Berwickshire High School are the smartest dressed students in Scotland according to a working party report on accomodation and equipment in secondary schools in the Border region. The report, laid before the Regional Council’s Secondary Education Committee, runs for 14 pages and is particularly scathing on the failure to maintain buildings to adequate standard and to provide modern equipment where it seems to be urgently required. In fact, one of the only positives was the praise heaped on Berwickshire High students, with the reporting adding that senior pupils were outstanding and an example for others to follow.

▼ THE possible alternative uses of the site of Eyemouth Town Hall, if it were to be demolished, are to be looked into by Berwickshire District Council’s Enviornmental Services Committee. At a meeting, the committee agreed not to spend £25,000 on carrying out essential roof and electrical system repairs on the Hall and to carry out a survey on what the site could be used for if the Hall wasn’t there. Councillor James Guthrie said he could not ask the District Council to spend monry on the hall when its use did not justify it and added that a decision on its future had to be made sooner or later.

▼ CLARE Hardie, the promising young badminton player from Duns last week won Scotland’s top under 12’s badminton tournament. After easily winning her pool in the Central Region Carlton Open Tournament, Clare came through a tough draw which included Lisa Penmad of Falikrk, and her arch rival, Emma Ducklin. This put Clare into her fourth singles final of the season against Pamela Whiteford of Airdrie. Both played great badminton in an exciting match, with Clare winning a hard fought three setter, 8-11, 12-10, 11-4.

▼ A BERWICKSHIRE sportsman was among the 81 men and women who received an award at last week’s Skol Scottish Sports Awards ceremony in Glasgow. Richard Swan, the Scottish cricket captain, received the award from Princess Anne at the 25th anniversary of the annual ceremony.

t THe money received by the Region for the sale of Leitholm school is not to be given to Leitholm Village Hall Association in the form of grant aid. As with the former Langlee Community Centre, the Region’s policy and resource committee decided that they money should go into a common pool- but they added that an application for grant aid could be considered from Leitholm in the usual way.

50 years ago

▼ THE annual report for 1960 by the County Medical Officer Dr R S Hardie, published recently, gives many interesting facts on the health and sanitary conditions in Berwickshire. The mid-year population of the whole county in 1960, as estimated by the Registrar General for Scotland was 23,276, again lower than the year before by 158. The landward population estimate fell by 155.

t LOCAL authorities should be encouraged in their efforts to find new industries in the hope that eventually success might be achieved, said Mr A Kellie, when replying to the toast to ‘The Town and Trade of Duns’ at the eighth annual supper of the Duns Burns Club held in the White Swan Hotel, Duns.

t AT a recent meeting of Berwickshire County Council it was stated there had been complaints about conditions in the ambulances used in the county. At a meeting of the health and welfare committee held at Duns last week, it was stated that specific complaints would be welcomed.

t COLDSTREAM Football Club have made two more useful signings in Ian Holloway, from Eyemouth United and George Watson, from Chirnside. Holloway is a former Coldstreamer player, while Wtson was with Gala last season.

t TARGET number one in the big South East Scotland Dental Health Campaign which opened on Monday and will continue until April 6, are the 200,000 school pupils aged between five and 17. And target number two is the parents, relatives, neighbours and all who help to cause the children’s teeth to decay at a rate now causing alarm to dentists and doctors.

t AT a meeting of the Presbytery of Duns on Wednesday, a Call to the Rev Francis Joseph Lauchlan McLauchlan minister at the Old High Schurch, Inverness, from the parish and congregation of Swinton was sustained by the Presbytery.

t GREENLAW old market cross, which stands against the tower of the parish church has been classified as an ancient monument and it has now been taken over by the Ministry of Works.

t THE latest Research Services Limited audience survey, completed during the first fortnight of 1962, shows that 96,000 homes in the Border area were receiving Border Television programmes. This is yet another leap forward, and is a further advance of over 24 per cent on the November figure.

t THERE is widespread indication in the Borders at the news that there is no new hospital for the area in the £70 million plan for Scotland. Instead the Borders Hospital Board has been asked to submit further make-and-mend proposals for the ageing Peel Hospital. What is urgently needed is a completely new hospital centrally sited in the Borders. The situation of Peel, which has to serve an extensive area covering Selkirkshire, Roxburghshire, Peeblesshire and Berwickshire makes it inconvenient for patients, staff and visitors.

100 years ago

▼ A NEAT little granite cross has been erected in New Cemetery, Turriff, to the memory of nurse Sarah Jane Inglis, who for 10 years laboured faithfully as district nurse at Cockburnspath and Oldhamstocks, and whose sudden death in September last caused keenest regret among a large circle of friends in Berwickshire, and is a striking testimony to the esteem in which Miss Inglis was held by her friends in the Border shire, where, by her kind and sympathetic nature, she endeared herself to all.

t Extremely cold weather and keen frost has been experienced in this district during the week. On Saturday morning the thermometer registered 25 deg. of frost, on Sabbath morning 32 deg., 15 deg. at 10am in the sun. Monday morning almost 32 deg. Blackadder is nowfrozen over.

t Madame Levante’s lady orchestra company visited Chrinside on Friday. The hall was crowded to its utmost capacity.

t The weather for the the past week has been severe, and at Chirnside and Chirnside Bridge curling and skating has been much enjoyed. The Whiteadder is frozen over in many parts and skating has been enjyed on it.

t Mr Andrew Mitchell, son of Mr Mitchell, Old Cambus East Mains Farm, has been presented by the workpeople with a dressing case and travelling bag, on leaving for Canada, there to settle. Mr Wm. Duffy, farm steward, made the presentation as farewell gift and in reply Mr Mitchell said the gift would remind him always of many happy days. Mr Mitchell leaves Berwickshire this week.

t A SCHOOL for divers has been established by a lady in Berwickshire, the primary object of which is to find a new occupation for fisher lads whose work is becoming increasingly scarce owing to the monopoly of large power craft. Miss Jane Hay, of St Abbs Haven, a member of the local school board, conceived the idea of promoting a ship-cooks’ club, and from the members of this lads are chosen to be trained in helmet diving.

t The heavy snow of Friday last made the drive between Eyemouhth and Burnmouth practically impossible, drifts in some places being two or three feet deep across the road. The snow plough was out in the afternoon.

t Chirnside were to have travelled to the Innerleithen on Saturday to engage that team in the Dudley Cup first round, but owing to the weather the match was wired off. Owing to the snow Coldstream’s match with Spittal Rovers also had to be abandoned on Saturday. The Coldstream team are undergoinga special training for their match on Saturday first against Gala Fairydean at Kelso in the final of the King Cup, when one of the best tustles witnessed this season on the Borders should be the outcome.

▼ THE annual Auchencrow village dance took place in the school on Friday, when about 30 couples took part, and a most enjoyable evening was spent. The members of the committee, through whose efforts the dance was so successfully carried out, were Messrs J Dunse, R Johnstone, W Spence, W Stothart, and G Thomson.

t THe angling for salmon opened on the Tweed at Coldstream on Thursday, but has been unfortunate, as with heavy fall of snow and such hard frosts the river is frost-bound, and only in places can angling be got.