Bottle breaking at The Dolphin Hotel, Eyemouth
Bottle breaking at The Dolphin Hotel, Eyemouth

25 years ago

▼ MANY ex-servicemen and women from all over Berwickshire and East Lothian turned out on Sunday to pay homage to the fallen of the two World Wars. At Duns a large crowd witnessed the Remebrance Day Parade and Service. Duns Pipe Band led the parade to the War Memorial in the Public Park followed by members of the Royal British Legion (Scotland) Duns Branch, Army Cadets, Air Training corps, Red Cross, Community Council, Guides and Cubs, and representatives of the First and Second Polish Regimental Association. In Eyemouth a service was held in the Parish Church when the ministers in attendance were Rev D.G.Lindsay, Rev H.Mackay, Rev A.Robinson and Mr A.Richardson.

t ROUND Tables in Berwickshire and East Lothian and throughout the UK have embarked upon an ambitious project to recruit and screen 100,000 potential new bone marrow donors in just six weeks. Duns, Eyemouth and Dunbar Round Tables are among those who have set up clinics this month. Dunbar Round Table held their clinics last Wednesday evening when Alan Rough, the Scotland and Hibernian goalkeeper was their first donor, Duns and Eyemouth are holding their clinics on November 24 and are already canvassing for potential donors to attend their clinics.

t WORK on the proposed Cockburnspath bypass is expected to start before the end of 1989. Scottish Office minister Michael Ancram has stated that the A1 Tower to Dunglass diversion will probably start within three years along with other trunk road schemes.

t BORDERS school pupils could face another winter of educational problems. There were around a dozen Border teachers present at the weekend’s special general meeting held by the Educational Institute of Scotland. A total of 450 delegates attended the meeting and unanimously rejected Malcolm Rifkind’s proposals and have a resounding “no” to the original Main Report for trading off pay and conditions and any divisive pay recommendations and being anti-trade union. A Borders executive meeting unanimously recommended their members reject the Government version of the main report, which might have setlled the two years dispute.

t LOCAL residents are to be invited to visit Torness nuclear power station. Invitations are being sent out to people living within three kilometres of the station sometime this month, with the visit being held in late November or early December. The object of the visit will be to give South of Scotland Electricity Board representatives the opportunity to talk to residents living nearby about the basis of the Emergency Plan for Torness and the arrangements which affected them.

t BORDERS Region may at long last be on the way to having its £1 million plus extensions built for its offices; Eyemouth may be on the way to having its replacement for the Peelwalls home for the elderly funded- and the longest wait of all, a new school for Yetholm, might be closer than either project. It all depends on what Borders Regional councillors think of a report from officials on a completely legal way of getting round Government capital spending restrictions.

t IT almost seemed as though there might be a secession by Berwickshire when the Regional Council came to examine the amount the Region intends to spend on the county’s roads in the next financial year. Peter FIshbourne, councillor for Eyewater, said that according to his calculations, only six per cent of the budget would be spent on Berwickshire.

t EYEMOUTH Legion 2- Duns 1. Eyemouth won their way through to the final of the Beveridge Cup at the weekend with a goal in extra time by Alex Flockhart. The game turned out to be a bruising battle with fairly few scoring chances being created. In the early stages Duns had most of the play and only a good save by Peter Gillan kept them out. It was Eyemouth who opened the scoring through Aitchison before Duns finally beat Gillan through a goal by Brydon. But Flockhart won the tie for the home side with a fine low drive from 20 yards.

50 years ago

▼ A DEPUTATION of fishermen from Eyemouth, Burnmouth and Seahouses hope to meet Mr Christopher Soames, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, in London on Friday to present their side of the case against a Government proposal to make drift net fishing for salmon an offence.

▼ In connection with National Fire Prevention Week, Duns Fire Station was open to the public on Monday. Duns have one of the most modern, if not the most modern fire stations in Berwickshire. Before moving into new premises about a year ago, Duns Fire Station was a wooden shed at the west end of the town.

▼ at Edinburgh on Saturday, Eyemouth netted five goals for the second Saturday running to emerge clear cut winners of their league encounter with Murrayfield Amateurs. The United got on top straight from the start, and but for isolated periods of the game, remained so till the final whistle.

▼ THE 1961/62 Civil Defence training season for the 700 or so members of Berwickshire Division of the Civil Defence Corps has now commenced and almost 500 different training sessions are planned to be carried out in training centres in Duns, Coldstream, Eyemouth, Lauder,Earlston, Greenlaw, Fogo, Chirnside, Cockburnspath, Coldingham, Auchencrow, Ayton and Paxton for the headquarters, warden, rescue and welfare section volunteers.

▼ DUNS Golf Club held their annual dinner in the Swan Hotel, Duns on Friday, Mr A D Mitchell, club captain, presided.

▼ a 13 year old Coldstream boy was found guilty at Duns Sheriff Court on Friday of entering a house and damaging clothing to the value of £170 when the owner was away from home. Finding the boy guilty, Sheriff Charles de Bois Murray said his conduct was extremely abnormal. The boy was admonished.

t THE Dunbar and District Caged Bird Society held the twelfth annual show in the Old Parish Church Hall, last week. The show, which attracted a considerable attendance was a great success. Although there were over 400 entries it is believed that, had it not been for the moult amongst cage birds during the week previous to the show, there would have been many more.

t EYEMOUTH Town Council, at its monthly meeting last week, agreed to look into the possibility of damage being done to its sewer by gales and tides. Hon treasurer, J S Collin said he was perturbed about the landward area side of the sewer. After a recent gale between 200 and 250 tons of debris had been removed from the landward side and there was about two feet of water behind the sewer. The council agreed to investigate the situation.

t THE lst Duns Company of Girl Guides held a cafeteria in the Boston Hall, Duns, which was very well attended and was greatly enjoyed.

t on Friday, Mr Smith, county clerk, sent the following telegram to Princess Margaret, “I am instructed by the convenor of Berwickshire County Council to send warm congratulations of the members and staff of the county council to your Royal Highness and your husband on the birth of your son.”

100 years ago

▼ On Tuesday evening under the auspices of The Berwickshire Hunt, a most successful ball was held in the Drill Hall, Duns. The customary temporary awning connected the Hall with the street, and thus enabled the guests to alight from their carriages into the main corridor, on the right and left of which there were provided two cloakrooms. The hall itself, which is a spacious room, was transformed into a magnificent ballroom of unusual splendour.

▼ On the completion of a successful harvest, Mr Pertram, Heughhead, Reston, has presented each householder on his farm with a quantity of mutton.

t Daybell’s Cinematograph and Concert Company gave an exhibition in the Mechanic’s Hall, Coldstream, on Tuesday, before a good attendance.

▼ The gale on Sunday week did much damage to corn-stack, roofs of steadings and houses at Eccles. Trees were uprooted and a windmill was blown down and badly wrecked.

▼ Under the auspices of the Parish Church Young Men’s Guild, a lantern lecture was delivered in the Public Hall, Coldingham, last Monday by Mr T Morton Tweedie. There was a large attendance who showed their appreciation by according the lecturer a heart vote of thanks, on the motion of chairman, Rev H M Lamont. The proceeds are to be devoted to the Guild Mission at Kalimpong.

▼ Mr James Stewart, the recently installed commercial manager at Chirnside Bridge Paper Mills, has been made the recipient of a testimonial on his leading Gaurd Bridge (says “The Paper Trade Review”) He was presented with a purse of sovereigns, and a handsome writing desk by the staff and employees. Mr Galloway, senr, in making the presentation referred to Mr Stewart’s 30 years’ faithful service and congratulated him on his promotion.

▼ Berwick Rangers 4 Chirnside 2 - As an exhibition of football, the game may be classed amongst the worst which has been seen on Union Park. Chirnside were not the worst offenders. Berwick, from whom one might have expected better, gave an altogether miserable display. Really, if they are to retain that little support which is being accorded them at present they will have to make some effort at improvement. They must strive to play together. What the spectator wants to see is the game played somewhat decently, and not an exhibition which taxes ones imagination to a great extent before one can describe it as football.

t A SPLENDID entertainment was given in French’s Hall, Reston, on Friday under distinguished patronage. It took the form of a concert and display of scout work. Dr McWhan, county medical officer of health, presided. Although the weather was somewhat stormy, a large and enthusiastic gathering turned out to witness one of the best entertainments ever held in the village. The committee were fortunate in securing the services of a number of select performers.