Eyemouth round table present cheque to Lifeboat
Eyemouth round table present cheque to Lifeboat

25 years ago

▼ extensive enginnering tests on Reactor One at Torness Nuclear Power Station have brought to light “one or two” faults in the plant. This latest news has prompted the Scottish Green Party to call on local authorities to take legal action in a bid to stop the commissioning of the station. A spokesperson for the Greens said: “Against a government which cares nothing for public opinion, legal action is probably the only way left to stop Torness. There is very little time left and once the stationed, even a Labour government would not decommission it for 20 years- 20 years of potential Chernobyls.”

▼THE need for top class accomodation in Eyemouth to enable the town to host the 1987 European Sea Angling Championships was strongly attacked at Tuesday’s meeting of the Berwickshire District Council’s Industry Committee. At a recent meeting of the Committee it was reported that there was possibility of Eyemouth hosting the event but this would depend on suitable accomodation being available in season. Councillor George Finlay said he thought Northburn Caravan Site would be suitable, adding: “The officials may like something akin to the Sherridon but not the actual competitors.”

▼ the future of the Coldstream Football Club has been assured less than a week after it was reported that they may be forced to fold. A public meeting was held in the Newcastle Arms on Monday and Club Secretary John Simpson said the response had been tremendous. Supporters rallied round at the meeting and the committee is now 13 strong compared with just five a week ago.

▼ a 13 year old Burnmouth girl has made friends with a Norwegian family in an unusual way- by ‘sea mail’. For Margaret Bell, of Upper Burnmouth, has made contact with the family through a message she put in a bottle and threw into the sea close to her home. A few weeks later the bottle was picked up on the shore at Sandhaland on the west coast of Norway and the family who found it have written to her.

▼ BORDERS General Hospital, being built in Huntlyburn, near Melrose, should have been completed about five years ago- and the tax payer saved about £15 million. That was the claimed when members of a Commons Scottish Affairs committee, investigating days and escalating costs in hospital building visited the site of the new hospital. The thought building work should have started in 1978 not 1983 and and the cost of £16.5 million would not have become the present estimated £31.5 million.

▼ SHEEP from a Berwickshire farm have dominated the Northumberland, Borders East and Midlothian Suffolk Breeders Club’s first ever competition. The contest was judged last week by J.T.Wilson of the Bridgeston flock and he awarded prizes for the best overall flock, best large flock and best pen of ewes to G.A.Millar of West Foulden.

▼a YOUNG Duns badminton player has bheen chosen to trepresent Scotland in an invitation under-12s tournament to be played in Telford, West Midlands, this weekend. Claire Hardie of the Duns Junior Badminton Club has been selected in a team of two girls and two boys to travel down to Telford on Friday afternoon to play on Saturday and Sunday. Murray Carr, a top Scottish badminton coach will be in charge of the Scottish squad over the weekend.

t DUNS 7- Stobswell 9. Cold and blustery conditions, not entirely conducive to open rugby, welcomed visitors and current joint leaders of the division to Berwickshire at the weekend. With their first win of the season under their belt, Duns’ morale was undoubtedly boosted and a keen contest was anticipated. But alas the hard lessons that Duns have been learning in their first venture into league rugby continued.

50 years ago

▼ A PETITION has been sent to Sir W Anstruther-Gray, MP for Berwickshire and East Lothian, requesting the British Government to take steps to stop the manufacture, stock-piling and testing of all nuclear weapons in preparation for another war and to have all bases for nuclear missiles in this country dismantled at once. The petition was signed by 243 people.

t THE need for more volunteers for the Civic Defence Corps in Berwickshire has been stressed by the County Civil Defence Officer Mr J Fennell, following the recent civil defence exercise in which the county took part.

t THE apathy and seeming lack of interest by the general public in the annual general meetings of Presenting Coldstream was again clearly shown last week. At the meeting, no more than three people outwith the committee were present. Even then the attendance of members of the committee was disappointing.

t AT A Burgh Court at Duns, a Newtown Street resident was fined 5s for allowing his chimney to be on fire.

t LADY LAMBTON, wife of Viscount Lambton, Conservative MP for Berwick constituency, gave birth to a son and heir in a London nursing home on Thursday. The Lambtons have a family of five daughters, th eldest, the Hon Lucinda, is 18.

t A UNIONIST MP has resigned the Party Whip because the Government intend to outlaw drift netting for alkon. He revealed this on Thursday and it is the newest development in the fight by east coast fishermen to try and force a change of mind.

t BERWICKSHIRE Amateur Football League - A fine victory by Eyemouth Youth Club over the Chirnside team has blasted the Berwickshire League wide open, and three teams, Grantshouse, Duns and Chirnside, are now topping the table.

t iN many farms the burning of gorse is a regular and necessary practice. Farmers in this area who do so are urged by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, to carry out their work between November and March and before the bird nesting season in order to avoid destruction of bird life.

t WHEN County Council houses become vacant they will be advertised. The landward committee on public health agreed to revert back to this system after hearing a report by the medical officer of health. Dr Hardie said that it had been decided to draw up and maintain a register of applicants for county council houses, periodically advertising in the press, that persons needing houses should register with the health department. Only where there was no suitable registered applicant was a house to be advertised. The system has now been in operation for three years but has not in pactice worked out satisfactorily.

t AFTER 57 years service between them the hon. secretary and hon. treasurer of Manderston Cricket Club have resigned. Their resignations were reluctantly accepted at the annual general meeting of the club held last week. Mr P F H Wilson, who is president of the Scottish Cricket Union has been hon secretary of the club for 32 years, while Mr J R Thompson has been hon. treasurer for 25 years.

100 years ago

▼ During the week at Coldstream there has been a plentiful fall of rain, which was badly wanted for the fishing, and the river is now in flood. On Friday and Saturday nights there were sharp frosts, followed by rain.

▼ THE half yearly fast day was observed at Ayton on Thursday, when the day was held as a holiday by the shop keepers and others. Preparatory services were held in the Parish and UF Churches in the evening.

▼ Speaking at the opening of Gordon Hall last week, Lord Dunglass referring to the 50th anniversary of the association of the Lyal family with Greenknowe, stated that there was present at the opening ceremony, along with his wife, an old man (Mr Brockie) who had been farm steward to Mr Lyal’s father 50 years ago. Lord Dunglass, who hoped the venerable couple would spend many years yet in Gordon district and have happy evening of their lives, appealed strongly that halls similar to Gordon Hall should be provided all over Berwickshire.

▼ THEre has just been placed in Chirnside Parish Church, a Chastely designed Communion Table, the gift of Mrs Blackadder, Brewery House. Like the interior woodwork of the church, the table is of pitch pine, and has been made in accordance to plans drawn by Mr Robert Blackadder, architect, Edinburgh, a son of the donor.

▼ Snow fell on Saturday and the weather was bitterly cold, though the sun shone brightly during the day. The Cheviot ranges were covered with snow for the second time this season.

t THE second of the course of lectures on gardening was delivered in the school, Greenlaw, on Tuesday, Mr Robert Douglas, JP presiding. The lecture embraced the manuring of gardens, as applied to fruits, vegetables and flowers. There was again a very large attendance and the lecture was both interesting and instructive.

▼ A MEETING of cow owners was held in the dairy, Cockburnspath, on Tuesday night, and it was decided to raise the price of milk, as feeding stuffs have greatly advanced in value lately.

▼ Eyemouth Harbour Trust’s application for a loan for a new deep water harbour is engaging the attention of the authorities, who this week wrote enquiring how it was proposed to raise the £15,000 which has to be guaranteed locally before a Government grant or loan is made. It was agreed to approach the Town Council and also the North British Railway Company, as both the Burgh and the Railway Company will be great gainers by the proposed new harbour.

t AT a public meeting at Auchencrow, Mr Aitchison of Greenburn presiding, it was decided to form a Horticultural Society and to hold an annual flower show at Auchencrow, which would be open to members residing within a radius of three miles.

t WESTRUTHER Rifle Club’s annual concert and dance took place in the school on Friday. There was a crowded attendance. In the unavoidable absence through illness of WH Verdin, Esq. of Spottiswood House, the chair was occupied by Mr Gibb. An excellent programme was carried through by artistes from Lauder and Greenlaw and was much enjoyed by all present.