Fancy dress competition in Coldingham
Fancy dress competition in Coldingham
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25 years ago

▼ fire damaged the roof and bedrooms of a Duns hotel on Tuesday. The blaze broke out in the roof of The White Swan Hotel just after 11am on Tuesday morning. Appliances from Duns and Coldstream and a salvage tender from Edinburgh attended the blaze. Edinburgh roofers Douglas Heeps and Cameron Byers were working in the roof when the fire started. “We were spraying a preservative inside the roof,” said Douglas, “when it suddenly went on fire. I don’t know how it started but it spread over the whole area of the roof. The roof, rafters, everything was on fire.”

▼ DEtails of alternative schemes for the proposed Cockburnspath bypass have been revealed by the Scottish Development Department. Six alternative schemes for the upgrading of the A1 between Tower Farm and Dunglass have been put forward by the SDD following Draft Orders regarding the bypass, which were published in January, attracting considerable objections. The main objection was to the SDD’s plans to build over two miles of solid embankment up to 47 feet high to carry the bypass.

▼ an Eyemouth fishing boat skipper sustained serious injuries when he fell from a ladder on his vessel at the weekend. Andrew Collin (57) of The Avenue, was taken to Berwick Infirmary after falling from a ladder on The Ariel. He sustained a fractured skull and back injuries. His condition is set to be “comfortable.”

▼ plans to build old people’s housing at Nursery Lane, Coldstream, have led to the town’s Community Council holding a meeting during the summer recess. The meeting was arranged following Eildon Housing Association applying for outline planning permission to erect 12 elderly person amenity flats at Nursery Lane. During the Council’s discussion about the proposal, points both in favour and against the development were made. And if Borders Regional Council approved the proposed development, the community council agreed to ask for some thought to be given to making Nursery Lane a road for access only to the premises there and closing it to through traffic.

▼ A RECORD breaking number of riders followed the 1986 Coldstreamer, Michael Shepherd on the annual ride-out to Flodden Field. It was the climax of the Presenting Coldstream Week, that has seen over 100 horses on rides during the week and unprecedented support for every event. Despite overcast skies and showers, the cavalcade, 213 strong, set out from Coldstream to Flodden, escorted along the Main Street by Coldstream Pipe Band and a contingent of Coldstream Guardsmen. After leading the procession over Coldstream Bridge, the pipers made way for the riders who set off to Cramond Hill, New Heaton, Palinsburn and Branxton.

▼ ALAN Robson, younger brother of Scottish international John, won Sunday’s Eyemouth half marathon. The Edinburgh Southern Harrier completed the course from Manderston to Eyemouth town centre in a time of 1 hour 11 minutes and 31 seconds, just over 10 seconds in front of Jack Knox of Gala Harriers, Heaton Harrier Albert Gallon finished a close third. Nearly 100 runners took part in the race, which was the second such event organised by the Eyemouth Chamber of Trade.

▼ A FOUR-YEAR-OLD boy was taken to hospital on Sunday after he was injured in an accident of Northburn Caravan site, Eyemouth. Craig Arthur of Broxburn sustained cuts and bruises after being struck by a car. He was detained at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh, for observation.

t Berwick Rangers have reverted to their old, familiar black and gold stripes for the new season. Supporters attending the away games at Stenhousemuir and Albion Rovers commented favourably on the decision to revert to the striped jerseys. This year the Rangers are being supported by the Berwick Holiday Centre.

50 years ago

▼ TWO magistrates made a night expedition out to sea on Tuesday after the first day’s hearing of an alleged illegal salmon fishing case at Berwick Court. They set out on the ‘White Heather’, the boat involved in the case to inspect the visibility of the disputed Burnmouth lights. One of the officers on HMS Belton, which was on fishery patrol, said that he used the St Abbs Head Light and the Burnmouth light to establish the location of where the boat was seen fishing, putting the inside the five mile limit. However, after their trip out to sea and evidence from experts the chairman of the magistrates concluded that they were not satisfied that the ‘White Heather’ had been fishing within the five mile limit and the charges were dismissed.

t A TOTAL of 35 competitors took part in the second clay pigeon shoot, organised by Berwickshire Agricultural Association at Brieryhill, near Duns, on Friday evening. The association intend to make this shoot an annual event at the time of the show. The first shoot organised by the association attracted nearly 50 competitors.

t THE day Mr John G Fairbairn took over the position of secretary of the Berwickshire Agricultural Association, organisers of Berwickshire County Show, the association was in debt and a proposal that the show be disbanded had just been defeated. When he gave up the position 16 years later, they had a ‘four figure’ bank balance.

t SATISFACTORY progress was reported in connection with the erection of council houses, when Eyemouth Town Council held its monthly meeting. Eight houses had now been roofed and roughcast and work was progressing with inside partitions and floors and drains and other services were being put in.

t ONE hundred tons of hay were destroyed on a Greenlaw farm last week, when fire broke out in the hay shed, where new hay had been stacked. Fire brigades from Kelso, Galashiels and Coldstream tackled the outbreak. The farmer, Mr S G Fleming of Rumbleton Law, Greenlaw, discovered the bales in the hay shed were smouldering. At first, it was thought it was only the top bales, but on close inspection it was revealed that it was more deep seated, and the bales at the bottom of the stack were affected.

t AN assurance that there would be determined opposition to the proposal to ban drift-netting for salmon round the coast of Scotland and as far south as Holy Island was given last week soon after the announcement of the intention to impose the ban was made in the House of Commons.

t MR J ELLIOT raised the subject of the vast increase in clerical work on behalf of the State, such as National Health Insurance, PAYE and now the Graduated Pension Scheme, at a meeting of the Area Executive Committee of the Mid and East Area of the National Farmers’ Union.

t ANY old friends connected with the Depot Royal Scots/KOSB had a big reunion at the weekend when the Berwick depot held its annual ‘At Home’. Bright sunshine heralded the opening of the first day’s cricket on Friday between the depot team and Eton Ramblers.

100 years ago

▼ A THUNDERSTORM of great violence and long duration occurred on Wednesday night. All the boats in Eyemouth were at sea and the spectacle in the bay when the storm was at its height was grand. Only one case of damage is reported, a cow shed at Acredale belonging to Mr Whitelaw was struck by lightining and had several tiles destroyed. On Thursday morning there were found dead 10 young half-bred ewes, killed by lighting at West Newton Farm, near Coldstream, belonging to Mr John P Rand.

t MR Jas. Campbell of Mayfield, Reston, won the much coveted silver cup on Lockerbie gala day. The interest aroused amongst the spectators reached an intense pitch, especially when Jimmy and the local champion met in the horses musical chairs. Both are well known experts in the saddle, and after a display of their skill, the former came out victorious amidst ringing cheers.

▼ A PARTY of six ladies and gentlemen had an exciting adventure at the back of Berwick Pier on Tuesday. They were out in a salmon coble and were changing places when all of a sudden the boat began to spin round in an alarming manner. The screams of the ladies attracted the attention of some fishermen who helped to land the party in safety.

▼ The Garden Park, Paxton, adjoining the policies of Paxton House, was the scene on Thursday afternoon of the show held annually by Paxton Agricultural Society which has a record of nearly a quarter of a century’s useful work; athletic sports with a good varied programme and the annual Sale of Work in aid of Hutton Parish Church. There were also roundabouts, side-shows and the usual concomitants of the country fair. Seldom has this annual festival been held under finer weather conditions than prevailed on Thursday, the thunderstorm over night having cleared away the atmospheric depression which had prevailed for the two proceeding days.

▼ THE fine weather has given favourable opportunities for harvest work in Eccles and a good deal of crops are now cut. Harvest will be very general this week, and crops have much improved within the last 10 days in both quality and straw. Crops being in fine order, the binders are giving ever satisfaction.

▼ “DUNS dings a” is hardly applicable to the Hawthorn Park club at present and their Annual General Meeting has yet to be held. Matters down Duns way, however, should not be difficult to straighten out and the Dingers will no doubt be ready for the fray when the time comes. With reference to their team, little can be said. Thomas Heatlie, the able custodian and secretary of the club, is having a trial with Heart of Midlothian and one or two of the older hands are talking of retiring but like the war house that scents the battle from afar, they will probably be found eager for the fight when the call comes.

▼ ON Friday morning last week, the new telephone exchange at Eyemouth was opened with about a score of subscribers. The communication with Berwick will be of great benefit to the fish trade; and it is interesting to note that this is the first line in the Borders to be taken over by the Post Office.