"Viva Mexico" performance at Duns
"Viva Mexico" performance at Duns
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25 years ago

▼ THOUSANDS of anti-nuclear protesters attended a rally in the shadow of Torness Power Station at the weekend. The ‘Stop Torness Rally’ was held at Barns Ness, where protesters, polticians and entertainers gathered on Saturday afternoon to show their solidarity against the South of Scotland Electricity Board’s plant. The rally was addressed by various politicians, including East Lothian MP, John Home Robertson, representatives of the National Union of Mineworkers, CND and a number of environmental groups.

▼ALthough planning permission has already been given to Berwickshire district council for a proposed sheltered housing scheme in Duns, Borders Regional Councillors voted on Tuesday to report the controversial development back to the planning committee. Members voted 13-10 in favour of re-calling the issue; organising a site visit and meeting with the local Community Council and District Council to come to an amicable agreement. The development was put forward by Berwickshire District Council for a small housing scheme on land at Boston Hall/Duns Park in Station Road.

▼ the 38th Duns Summer Festival got underway on Tuesday evening when the Reiver, Kevin Renton, his Lass, Helen Burns and Wynsome Mayde-elect were officially ‘Kirked’ at a service in Duns Parish Church. A large congregation attended the service which was conducted by the Rev Hugh Mackay. Also present were representatives of the District Council and a good number of Ex-Reivers and Reivers’ Lassies. A reception of visiting principals and officials from other Border festivals was held in The White Swan later in the evening.

▼ NO less than 16 school records were broken in this year’s Berwickshire High School annual sports last week when some top class athletics was witnessed. Once again the House Championship was closely fought with Scott eventually emerging winners with 1626 points to Home’s 1485 and Douglas’ 1283. Individual Championships were won as follows: Senior Boys- John McDowell; Senior Girls- Sharon Bunyan and Lesley Poole; Intermediate Boys- Ian Price; Intermediate Girls- Claire Gallagher; Junior Boys- Chris Davis; Junior Girls- Lesley Gallagher.

▼ TOURIST related industries in Eastern Berwickshire have not been affected by Americans not visiting Britain because of fears of terrorist attacks, the chairman of Berwickshire District Council’s Industry Committee claimed earlier this week. Councillor John Aitchison said, at Tuesday’s meeting of the Industry Committee, that he felt Eastern Berwickshire had not been affected by the scarcity of American visitors in the way the Central Borders had been.

▼ A BURNMOUTH woman and her brother were rescued from rocks near their home by St Abbs Lifeboat after they became trapped by the incoming tide. On Monday evening, George and Mary Punton, both of Burnmouth and Danny Gavin of Dundee, were trapped on the rocks by the incoming tide just north of Burnmouth. George managed to get back down to sea level and alert the coastguard and RNLI. They attended and rescued Mary and Danny and conveyed them to Eyemouth. George sustained a slight back injury and was taken to Berwick Infirmary.

50 years ago

▼ THIS week Duns is celebrating its 13th annual festival. The burgh is gay with flags and flowers and there is a general spirit of gaity about. Each day throughout this week special events are being staged and many people have come into the town to take part in them.

▼ BAILIE R G Linklater is to be the new Provost of Coldstream. He will take over his duties as civic chief on August 1. Bailie Linklater, a member of the council for the past five years, is a teacher at Coldstream Junior Secondary School. He will retire in September.

▼ WHEN Eyemouth Town Council at its monthly meeting last week came to finalising car park regulations there was an unsuccessful attempt made to reduce the prices for use of the car park which had been made at a previous meeting. At a previous meeting it had been agreed that the charges would be 2/- for buses, 1/- for cars and sixpence motor cycles.

▼ LANGTON Parish Sports held at Gavinton on Saturday attracted a good entry and a good attendance of spectators. During the afternoon the schoolchildren under the instruction of Miss Elliot performed the Maypole on the village green. Tea was served to all the children and spectators and there was ice cream as well.

▼ THE Border area is the highest user of electricity in agriculture in the whole of the country. This was revealed at a meeting of Berwick and Border Branch NFU committee last week and followed the report of the Electricity Consultative Council. There has been, over the years, an intensive rural electrification scheme throughout north Northumberland and southern Scotland. Now it has been suggested that the board might pay more than the present nominal 1/- per pole or pylon on land in the Borders.

▼ WHEN presenting his monthly report as burgh surveyor to Eyemouth Town Council at its monthly meeting last week Mr J D Cunningham said progress with the council houses at Eyemouth during the past month had been very satisfactory. Four houses were now at roof level with roofing in progress. Eight houses were at first floor level with the joists placed, four houses had under-building and superstructure in progress and the remaining four houses were being left meantime to provide access to the site.

t A FINE of £5 was imposed on a Foulden smallholder at Duns Sheriff Court on Friday when he pleaded guilty to moving a boar without a licence. The smallholder had obtained a licence to move one boar from New Mart, Edinburgh, to his holding but failed to keep it separate from all other swine, its further movement not having been authorised by another licence. When police checked on the boar they found it with a sow and the smallholder said that the sow had got through a fence which had now been repaired.

t THE total population in the Borders is decreasing. The latest census figures show that since the 1951 census the population in Roxburgh has fallen by 2,386, and in Selkirkshire by 674.

t EYEMOUTH are within striking distance of the Berwick and District Youth League. A fighting 3-2 win over Spittal on Friday has put them a point ahead of Scremerston United with a game in hand, and two points in front of Spittal.

t BERWICK and District Meat Traders Association consider a £500 a year rental for the proposed new slaughterhouse on the Tweedside trading estate, to be excessive. The association thought that the output of the new slaughterhouse would be above their requirements and after considering the rent and other overhead expenses, the headage rate for cattle, sheep and pigs would be more than double the present rate.

100 years ago

▼ Hopeful anticipation of a good week’s fishing at Eyemouth have again been blasted. Commencing the week with a fleet of 80 or 90 boats, there has been no marked change from the previous one. Occasional shots of fair quality for the time of the season were landed, but on the whole the herrings have been of a mixed quality, and scarcely ready for curing purposes.

t In obediance to the King’s Commands, the Provost of Duns received yesterday morning a handsome silver medal with ribbon and clasp, accompanied by a letter from Lord Pentland, who says the decoration is given in commemoration fo the Coronation of their Majesties, King George and Queen Mary.

t During the last few months there have been more marriages in the district of Gordon than for some time past, but none of the contracting parties had the courage to face the ordeal of being married in Church until last week one young lady was more courageous than her predecessors in matriomony, and the result was in everyway a brilliant success, the ceremony attracting a large number of friends and well-wishers. The bride-groom was Mr Albert Henry Litherland, Boghall Lodge, Milngavie, and the bride was Miss Vert, elder daughter of Mr Vert, merchant, Gordon.

t On Wednesday, a boy named Kerr, belonging to Dunbar, very nearly lost his life by drowning.at the Old Harbour. While playing in a fishing boat he fell into the water and was caught underneath the vessel. A lad named Thomas Main, son of a fisherman, leaped into the water, succeeded in getting hold of the boy, and swam with him to the Quay.

t Repeated attempts during recent weeks to get the new powerful motor lifeboat up the steep slipway at St Abbs have failed, but on Saturday the laboriousn operation was successfully accomplished by means of a windlass, augmented by block and tackle. The arrangement, however, is only temporary, and for future work the main top platform will be extended and, aided by a powerful winch, much time will be saved.

t The members of the Coldstream Parish Church choir held their annual picnic on Thursday to the picturesque village of St Abbs. After lunch the lighthouse was visaited, and the very interesting details of the working of the lights were explained fully by the Lighthouse-keeper. On the road home, a halt was called at Coldingham, where the Priory was visited. All reached safely home at 10pm after a thoroughly enjoyable day.

t On Saturday a quadrangualr match was shot on Leitholm range, when 40 of the best rifle shots in Berwickshire contended in friendly rivalry. Teams of ten from Foulden/Westruther and Longformacus vied with the home men in “bringing out the white,” and a close and most interesting match resulted in a tie between Westruther and Leitholm, with the others close up. Two ties between the above clubs have resulted during the last fortnight - surely a unique occurrence! The visitors were entertained to tea on the range, and after the “shoot” an enjoyable hour was passed in The Plough with song and sentiment.