Foulden School wins Higland Show Competition, June 1986.
Foulden School wins Higland Show Competition, June 1986.

25 years ago

▼ MPs David Steel and Archy Kirkwood have appealed to Scottish Office Minister Michael Ancram for the reinstatement of the permitted capital borrowing level for the Borders to allow work on a social work programme which would include the replacement of Peelwalls House and plans for Trafalgar House, Coldstream. Following a meeting with Borders Regional Council last week, both MPs announced their intention to write to the Scottish Office to restore the “savage and unjustified” reduction in the allocation.

▼ two women were rescued by St Abbs lifeboat on Saturday night after they were trapped for over four and a half hours with their dogs on a beach near Eyemouth. Mary Punton and Ann Lindores of Burnmouth were walking along the beach from Burnmouth to Eyemouth with Ann’s son Daniel, when the trio were cut off by the incoming tide. Daniel managed to scramble over the rocks and raised the alarm at Partenhall. Coastguards were called and on their arrival one member was lowered some 400 feet down the cliff to the beach. As it was not possible to effect a land rescue the lifeboat service were asked to assist.

▼ ACTOr Christopher Timothy paid his first visit to Berwickshire at the weekend to officially open the newly refurbished St Abbs Haven Hotel. Timothy, who is best known for his portrayal of vet James Herriot, in the popular BBC television series ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ performed the opening ceremony on Saturday afternoon and was also the special guest at an Opening Ball at night. A guest of Mr and Mrs William Stewart, part owners of the Haven, on Friday night, Timothy was piped into the hotel by John Selkirk of Eyemouth. During the opening ceremony he said he had not visited this part of the country before, but stressed that having been here, he would certainly come back.

▼ THe future of Eyemouth Town Hall is still hanging in the balance following a disappointing turnout at a public meeting in the town earlier this week. Despite leaflets publicising the meeting being distributed throughout the town, only 40 people- some of whom were district councillors, community councillors and members of the town hall committee- turned up to discuss the future of the hall on Monday night. The meeting was arranged due to the far from satisfactory response to the hall committe’s efforts over the past few years to try and get local people to use it.

▼ Twenty seven pupils at Berwickshire High School have been tested to see if they have accumulated radioactive iodine as a result of the Chernobyl disaster. James McLean, Border Region’s director of education told his committee on Tuesday that the results had shown that there was no higher accumulation recorded than could be accounted for by “background” effects- the amount of radioactivity which occurs under normal circumstances. Mr McLean said that teams of scientists were investigating possible differences in absorbtion of radioactive iodine in the east and west of Scotland.

▼ TWo years of planning and much fundraising came to fruition on Friday as a 40 strong party from Berwickshire High School left Prestwick Airport on a three week long rugby tour of Canada. The idea of the tour came about after Trinity College Rugby team from Toronto played Berwickshire High School during a tour of the Borders in 1984. This is the first ever foreign rugby tour organised by the High School which involve games for both the Under 15s team and the Under 16s team.

t Duns hopes of finishing the season on a high note were dashed in the seventh minute of extra time in the Waddell Cup at Greenlaw on Friday evening. A momentary lapse in their defence allowed Hawick to score the only goal of the game which could have really went either way. The Berwickshire side will be kicking themselves as they had the best of the chances but failed to find their form in front of goal.

50 years ago

▼ A motion in connection with drift net fishing for salmon off the mouth of the River Tweed was allowed to “lie on the table” at the meeting of Berwickshire County Council held at Duns on Tueday. This action was agreed to because of a pending court case and because the matter was to be brought up in the House of Lords in the near future.

t A gift of 25 hymn books is to be given by Berwickshire SWRI Federation to Peelwalls Eventide Home.

t The need for agricultural courses if the agricultural industry was to keep up its position was stressed by Mr W B Swan, Blackhouse, Reston, President of the National Farmers Union of Scotland, when he attended an “open night” at the Agricultural Centre in the former Berwickshire High School at Duns, on Thursday.

t There were 76 entrants in the Border ladies’ annual golf tournament which took place at Duns golf course on saturday, when entrants from nearly all the Border clubs took part.

t Jim Clark is now fifth in the world championship racing drivers table. He moved up to this position after finishing third in the Dutch Grand Prix on Monday.

t Action is being taken against the dumping of foreign imports into this country, it was stated at a meeting of the Berwick and Border Branch NFU Committee last week. They felt that the time had come when the anti-dumping laws should be altered so that speedier action could be taken at times when there was excessive dumping of foreign goods in the United Kingdom.

t British Railways experts think that the telephone warning system at crossing gates is the most efficient of all. Officials of Berwick and Border Branch NFU and the Railways have, for some time, been consdiering the warning system on unmanned crossing, particularly now that so many quiet, fast diesel trains are on the main lines. Enquiries had been made from the branch about the installation of these telephones and farmers had wondered if they would be eligible under the farm improvements grant scheme. The reply was that this type of work was not eligible.

t Held under the auspices of the Scottish Scooter Clubs’Assosiation, this year’s rally held over two days at Dunbar on Whit weekend was a great success. Over 300 scooters took part in the field events which took place at Winterield, Dunbar on Sunday afternoon when over the border scotter clubs had a field day.

t Major J M E Askew, Ladykirk, was unanimously elected convener of the county at a meeting of Berwickshire County Council held in Duns on Tuesday. He takes over from Col Sir James Miller, who did not stand for re-election at the recent county council elections.

t An unexploded hand grenade was found in a garden at Budle Farm last week. The police were informed and they arranged with an Army Bomb Disposal Unit to disposeo f the explosive.

100 years ago

▼ During Thursday forenoon, PC Galbraith, Coldstream Police Station, had an exceptionally large swarm of bees, this being the first swarm in the vicinity. Curiously enough, Constable Galbraith had the first swarm last year.

▼ Sea bathing is very popular at Berwick owing to the splendid summer spell, which is bringing holiday makers about in greater numbers than is usual for May.

▼ A FEW fine full-grown specimens of edible fungus (agaricus campestris) have been se3en in the vicinity of Eccles, Kelso. This is an extraordinary early advent on the Borders, mushrooms not generally appearing til the months of August and September.

▼ A fire broke out on Chapel Hill Farm, Cockburnspath, on Friday night, at about 8.30pm and burned fiercely for a few hours and destroyed about 20 tons of hay. The farm workers wrought splendidly and they were ably helped by many villagers, and fishermen from the Cove gave valuable assistance. When the fire was extinguished, Mr Cockburn thanked them for their services. As the work was heavy and the heat fierce, they were liberally refreshed betimes.

▼ Mr and Mrs Nelson, who have lived nearly all their lives in the vicinity of Dunbar, celebrated their golden wedding on Thursday night at Eastbarns, where for 45 years and until recently the old man was a farm servant in the employment of Mr James Hope, the famous agriculturalist. Indeed the old couple have still the much appreciated privilege of remaining resident on the holding. Both are over 70 years of age and in the best of health.

▼ On Tuesday the Eyemouth drifter Boy Jack landed 7 crans of herrings at North Sunderland. These made 12s per cran. The following day she had 5 crans, which sold at 12s.

▼ The annual meeting of the Border Amateur Football League was held in the Union Hotel, Tweedmouth, on Saturday afternoon. Representatives were present from Coldstream, Berwick Rangers, Kelso and Chirnside. Mr Elmslie, Chirnside, presided. The meeting decided that a previos motion, that Kelso be not again admitted to the League, be rescinded on the understanding that before Kelso again compete in the competition, they pay £1 claimed b Chirnside and Spittal respectively, and also pay 5s claimed by the League, and that they agree to play matches away at Spittal and Chirnside.

t The Grantshouse Angling CLub held its annual competition on Saturday. Owing to the long drought the waters were very low, but, nevertheless, there were very good baskets. Prize list: 1, rod, Peter Marshall, 8lb 7oz; 2, waders, Wm. Aitchison, 7lb 5oz; 3, book, Wm. Gray, 7lb 4oz.

t A London gentleman, Mr Albert Waltern, who is at present doing a cycling tour of a portion of Scotland, had an exciting experience on Monday night on that steep and dangerous hill in Berwickshire, some miles east of Cockburnspath. Disregarding the warning notice board, and with no acquaintance of the locality, his machine got beyond control, and dashed down the incline at a great speed. He, however, had the presence of mind to steer for the hedge at the roadside. The machine was buckled almost beyond repair.