Looking Back

10 years ago

CRYSTAL Rig wind farm was initially expected to produce enough electricity to supply 64 per cent of homes in the Scottish Borders but the company developing the wind farm is now looking to supply nearer 85 per cent of the region’s needs.

THE Pathfinder project to bring broadband connections to all schools, local government and health services in rural communities has taken a significant step forward.

25 years ago

THERE is going to be a further survey of the area of the North Sea, near St Abbs Head, which is used - at some times of the year - for dumping waste from Edinburgh, affecting fishing needs in the area. It was done off Bell Rock at St. Abbs Head.

THE future of Chirnside Amateur Boxing Club, one of the best of its size in Scotland in recent years, is hanging in the balance. An influx of new boxers is needed to save the club from folding.

50 years ago

NOW that the big thaw has arrived at last, flooding has been frequent in villages and towns.

EMERGENCY measures had to be adopted in respect of Coldstream water supply during last Thursday and Friday. Due to the heavy flooding of the River Tweed, the nearby well from where the burgh draws its supply water became submerged and there was also the risk that the pumping machinery could be put out of action.

100 years ago

THE Railway Company ran several special trains to Duns for the March hiring market bringing considerable numbers to the town. The farmers were ready in most instances to grant an extra sixpence or shilling a week to ploughmen and men servants but in some instances more was demanded and conceded. Men were very scarce and one reason given was that emigration agents had been very successful in Berwickshire and over a score of passages had been booked.