Looking Back

Eyemouth Hockey Team 1988 before Duns match.
Eyemouth Hockey Team 1988 before Duns match.
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10 years ago

A DOG was rescued by firefighters after it fell down a shaft near Hutton Church. The 30 feet concrete shaft appeared at Broadmeadows Farm.

SIX army pipers taught by Duns native Steven Small entertained a packed crowd at the town’s White Swan.

BORDERS MPS Michael Moore and Sir Archy Kirkwood voiced strong opposition at last week’s House of Commons debate on Iraq.

25 years ago

THE Rt. Hon Malcolm Rifkind MP, Secretary of State for Scotland has, on the recommendation of the Historic Buildings Council for Scotland, approved a grant of £46,000 for repairs to Gunsgreen House.

THE chairman of the Tweed Commissioners has struck out at ‘Johnny come lately’ politicians in the Borders claiming they failed to take action when warned of the possible decline of the salmon drift netting industry.

50 years ago

SO far this winter the snow clearing costs in Berwickshire are estimated at £38,000 and the work is not yet finished. A1 clearing £4,500; A68 £10,500.

TRAFFIC using the A1 road since the big snowstorm three weeks ago has been so heavy that the Ministry of Transport have refused to accept Berwickshire’s figures.

A BLUEPRINT on tourism is to be prepared by a committee from both sides of the border.

100 years ago

OVER 14 per cent of infant boys are below normal weight or badly nourished and 12.4 per cent of infants girls. A very large proportion of these badly nourished infants attend rural schools which may lie from one to three miles from their homes and there would seem to be no doubt but that this state of malnutrition is in part at least, due to the excessive fatigue which they undergo at the very early age of five years at which children are sent to school in this county.