Looking Back

Junior memebers of Reston Judo club recieve their grading certificates in 1988
Junior memebers of Reston Judo club recieve their grading certificates in 1988

10 years ago

HOLIDAY makers staying in a Burnmouth cottage over new year had a lucky escape when a landslide caused a boulder to fall on top of their car, parked at Lobster Cottage. Part of the road from the village to the harbour was closed.

THE financial crisis facing Eyemouth Harbour Trust, due to unexpected costs with the new facilities at the port, is set to be eased by a £600,000 cash injection from the Scottish Executive.

25 years ago

THE possible establishment of a co-operative to take over the control and running of the Borders Regional Council interests at Cove Harbour is being recommended.

ALTHOUGH the South of Scotland Electricity Board is not yet making electricity at Torness, the nuclear power station is, for all other purposes, now fully operational. Before power could be raised, reports must be approved by the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate.

50 years ago

BERWICKSHIRE shivered under a blanket of snow and ice. Throughout the past week the county has been subjected to one of its worst winter storms and there are people in isolated parts who have been cut off for more than a week. There were 21 snow ploughs in operation in the county on Friday, including one brought in from Renfrewshire, and two snow blowing machines. Several ploughs were damaged during the storm but were being hurriedly repaired.

100 years ago

A RENEWAL on Saturday of the violent south easterly gale was accompanied by a heavy fall of snow and more than a dozen lives were lost as a result of shipwrecks on the east coast. Trains were snowed up through engines or carriages leaving the rails. There was also serious interruption of the telegraph and telephone service. Snow fell to a depth of six to 18 inches. A large number of barrels and boxes were observed by passing steamers some miles north of St Abbs.