Looking Back

Chirnside ACF prizegiving from 1987
Chirnside ACF prizegiving from 1987

10 years ago

VISITING a painting exhibition in Rome became one of the most memorable occasions of her life for Aline Hay of Duns Castle when she was introduced to the Pope.

Aline was attending the exhibition because one of the pieces included was a portrait of herself done by Polish artist Barbara Kaczmarowska Hamilton two years ago.

The same artist had also painted a portrait of the Pope, bringing the two of them together at the exhibition, much to Aline’s surprise.

25 years ago

THE Scottish Tourist Board are hoping that a Berwickshire ghost named ‘Pearlin Jean’ will help bring more tourists north of the Border.

The tourist board have launched a map of the ghouls Scotland has to offer.

In the 17th century, Sir Robert Stuart, owner of Allanbank, wooed and won Jean, a French girl, before one morning her head was crushed in a carriage accident. She can still be seen at Allanbank, even after the house was demolished.

50 years ago

HUNDREDS of fish died in the River Eye and a tributary, the Ale Water this week. Gallons of creosote killed fish over a two and a half mile stretch of water. The creosote got into the water when a tank burst 1.5 miles up river.

MR C A Cooper, of Spittal, who was twice refused permission to start bingo in Eyemouth, revealed this week that he had bought the local cinema, and intends to use it for films and bingo.

100 years ago

SEVERAL complaints from householders in Duns with regard to water supply have been submitted. This shortage was attributed to frosty weather causing ratepayers in other parts of town to keep taps running an were thus reducing the supply.

A BOAR which has constantly been going with cattle since they were put in folds on West Heiton, Coldstream, attacked four bullocks, two of which were so badly cut and torn they had to be destroyed.