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Ayton SWRI Diamond Jubilee in 1987
Ayton SWRI Diamond Jubilee in 1987
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10 years ago

A NORTH Sea fishing ban would turn coastal communities such as Eyemouth into ghost towns, fishermen have warned. Scientists from the International Council for the Exploration of the Seas, which advises the European Commission claimed cod-spawning levels are a fifth of the level required for recovery. Jim Evans, secretary of the Anglo-Scottish Fishermen’s Association said that if they banned white fishing for 12 years then it would certain turn Eyemouth into a ghost town. One of the major concerns was if they banned white fishing the fleet would turn to prawns sending prices down.

25 years ago

BURNMOUTH railway bridge is all but gone and the last of its remains will be removed at the weekend.

THE heir to a baronetcy went to court last Wednesday to sue his half brother for family heirlooms said to be worth thousands of pounds. Andrew De La Rue of Kersley, Longon told a hearing at Duns Sheriff Court that antique painted bedroom furniture and two paintings at Calder House, Duns had been gifted to him by his Aunt Clementine Sitwell but they were still in Caldra House owned by his half brother Vincent De La Rue.

50 years ago

APART from a ‘rope reel’ at Coldingham there is a total lack of equipment designed for the safety of bathers on the beaches in Berwickshire. The situation is to be taken to Eyemouth Town Council and the East District Committee.

COLDSTREAM telephone exchange will go over to automatic control within the next five years. Negotiations have been made for the purchase of ground, and total expenditure is considerable.

FOUR St Abbs fishermen have gone to the whale fishing off Norway.

100 years ago

IN Berwickshire the harvest of 1912 has lasted about double the time of 1911. This is accounted for by the heavy crop having been so much laid and twisted and have to be mowed with scythes or shorn, and extra carting.

WITHOUT a church of its own until four years ago, Paxton village has, since it took upon itself the new obligation entered into church work with great vigour. Not only did they raise the £1150 to build their new place of worship but have also provided a new manse for their minister.