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Berwickshire Sub Aqua Club-St Abbs.
Berwickshire Sub Aqua Club-St Abbs.
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10 years ago

t PLANS to provide a new crematorium to serve the Borders and north Northumberland will be a huge benefit to Berwickshire, according to council leader John Ross Scott. Leaders and officials from the Borders and Berwick Borough Council discussed joining forces to establish a crematorium to serve both regions at a meeting last week. Currently the nearest crematoria are at Edinburgh, Blyth and Newcastle.

t PROPOSALS to improve safety at one of the area’s worst accident blackspots have gone out to public consultation. The Northumbria Trunk Roads Partnership has drawn up a changed layout which would eliminate dangerous right turns into the path of oncoming traffic at the Duns Road junction of the A1.

25 years ago

t THE operators of the disco in Eyemouth cinema have objected strongly to statements made recently by district councillor Fiona Sutherland regarding under-age drinking in the town. Councillor Sutherlsand said she had received a number of complaints about the Friday night discos held at the cinema but owners Mr and Mrs Lough and Mr and Mrs Poole said that discos were aimed at 12-18 year olds and no alcoholic drinks had ever been supplied.

50 years ago

t WHILE harvesting in Berwickshire this year is several weeks behind, the farmers state there is “no panic” at the moment. Although recent rains have caused fields to become difficult for combines to move in, with some sunshine or even dry days without sunshine, it is anticipated that all can be gathered in safely.

t HOUSES being built in Coldstream Town Council’s Duke Street development will not be ready until the end of the year it was revealed last week. The town clerk reported that labour difficulties, particularly during the holiday period, were partly responsible for the delay.

100 years ago

t THE honey harvest in Greenlaw district this year may be characterised as a complete failure, owing almost entirely to the deplorable weather conditions. Mr Robert Douglas, a noted expert, never fails to have one of the largest yields in the district yet this year as yet he has had no honey whatsoever. Mr Adam Smeaton, another expert, from three hives had between 20 to 30 lbs.