Looking Back

Speeches day at Berwickshore High School in September 1987
Speeches day at Berwickshore High School in September 1987
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10 years ago

CLASSIC boat owner Andrew Thornhill QC visited Eyemouth to speak to representatives of various clubs and organisations about his plans to site a maritime museum at the port, featuring the 300+ exhibits in his collection.

CLEAR late summer skies provided a perfect canopy for the 2002 Berwick Military Tattoo, enjoyed by capacity audiences totalling 3000.

DUNS Swimming Pool is to receive a major upgrade thanks to a grant of almost £180,000 from the sportscotland Lottery Fund.

25 years ago

DUNS company Farne Salmon have started a new £400,000 extension to its three factories in Duns. Started in 1982 with six employees to smoke and slice Scottish salmon for the supermarkets of Europe, the expansion will see 120 people employed with turnover near £4 million this year and possibly £6 million next year.

EYEMOUTH Harbour Trust and Borders Regional Council are just about ready to go to the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries for Scotland with “radical proposals” for the proposed £19 million harbour extension.

50 years ago

TWICE, within minutes, firemen were lowered down the cliff face at Berwick on Tuesday to rescue a frightened sheep.

They had been called out when the sheep, which had dashed away from the flock on the Magdalene Fields, was seen on a narrow ledge over-looking a a steep drop to the beach below.

Two members, Leading Fireman R. Knight and Fireman J. Crossan captured the sheep and hauled it to safety.

It was only minutes before the whole procedure was repeated.

The sheep, startled by a barking dog, again ran to the cliff edge and slithered down the same ledge..

100 years ago

AT the annual meeting of the Tweed Commissioners it was reported that the expectations of an excellent autumn net fishing season in 1911 were not realised. Owing to the exceptional and long-continued drought and consequent low state of the river, there was no inducement for the fish to enter the river until a considerable time after the close of the net fishing season, when they appeared at the river mouth in extraordinary numbers. There was scanty supply of fishing during the spring of 1912 as last year, particularly of trout,the state of the river being generally unfavourable.