Looking Back

Chirnside FC recieve their new kit in 1987
Chirnside FC recieve their new kit in 1987

10 years ago

t THe company which runs Torness has scotched rumours that the nuclear power plant will never reopen following its forced shutdown last week. A British Energy spokesperson said: “There is absolutely no truth in the rumours that Torness will not re-open. Torness is a major part of British Energy’s portfolio and we do not believe that our generation plans for next year will be affected.”

25 years ago

t A BERWICKSHIRE man is spearheading Scotland’s bid to win the European Men’s Hockey Championships, which are currently being played behind the Iron Curtain. Douglas Potter of Wayside, Chirnside, is a captain of the squad which left on Sunday with high hopes of a good performance in the tournament which are being held in Moscow this week. At the age of just 27, Douglas has been capped three times for Great Britain, 47 times for the Scottish outdoor team and 47 times for the indoor team.

50 years ago

t SEVERAL girls employed at the Eyemouth factory of Turner, Rutherford and Company are to be paid off. The news was confirmed this week. The factory is one of several run by the firm who are one of the best in the Border textile industry. The premises, overlooking the harbour, were opened at Eyemouth after the war, and provide employment for more than 60 girls. It is the biggest factory of its kind in the area. But rumours that the premises were to close were denied by a spokesperson of the firm at Hawick.

100 years ago

t BORDER farmers are agreed that the wet season of 1912 has scarce an equal within memory and many agriculturists will have sufficient cause to remember the almost unprecedented rainfall of the last 10 weeks. In addition to the prolonged moisture, there have been at intervals fierce winds that have further deteriorated the chances of a good crop.

t THe football season in Berwick was opened on Saturday with a match between Berwick Rangers and Spittal Rovers. Although there was a small attendance it was a great source of encouragement to the respective committees that the teams picked out turned out almost to a man. Berwick got the winning goal through Noble in the first half and Spittal were unable to reply.