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Prize winners at Grantshouse flower show 1987
Prize winners at Grantshouse flower show 1987
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10 years ago

A PACK of nine blood hounds bought by the Berwickshire Hunt and formally introduced to members at the group’s open day on Sunday will not replace the existing fox hounds, it was stressed.

Master of Fox Hounds Jeremy Whaley said the new recruits would provide an alternative to traditional fox hunting but the two sports were entirely different.

Berwickshire Hunt is believed to be the first in Scotland to diversify into hunting with blood hounds which follow the scent of up to three humans, known as quarry captains. The captains set off half an hour ahead of the hounds which are followed by the hunt on horseback.

25 years ago

AN Eyemouth Coastguard swam 200 yards out to sea to rescue a 12-year-old boy who had been washed off the rocks by a large wave last week.

Derek Renton (12) of Hardhill Place, Aramadale and David Home (12), were sitting on rocks at Killies Draft, Eyemouth, when they were swept into the sea by a large wave.

David Home was able to regain his grip on the rocks but Derek Renton was swept out to sea.

A holidaymaker saw the boy in trouble and alerted coastguards and Ken Taylor, Sector Officer, swam out to the boy, and kept him afloat until the lifeboat arrived.

50 years ago

BERWICK RANGERS, who plan to make another promotion bid this season, want better support. At the annual meeting of the shareholders on Tuesday, the manager, Mr Jim McIntosh, said it was disappointing to find that at one stage last year, with the team third from the top and playing well, only 1,400 spectators turned up for home games.

“The club deserves better than that. When one is fighting for the top, they hope for support.”

Mr McIntosh said that everything possible would be done to make promotion this season. Chairman Mr W. P. Anderson confirmed a £4,600 profit.

100 years ago

AFTER a lapse of several years, Auchencrow Horticulture Show was resuscitated on Saturday under the happiest of auspices.

With such a summer as this has been one could scarcelyhope that either the entries or the exhibits could be quite up to the standatrd at which the organisers and competitors might have aimed, but the exhibits, though somewhat small in number, were on the whole creditable.

There was of course room for much improvement, but with more favourabel conditions under which to bring the crops forward this will undoubtedly come.