Just when we thought the workload was easing....

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Now that all the young gulls are away and all the swans and cygnets are together on the big pond it doesn’t take quite so long to do the cleaning and feeding.

This is just as well as we have had quite a long round of medicating and treating to be done each day.

We have been dealing with two hedgehogs both from the same area, both with dreadful head injuries probably caused by grass cutting.

Each hedgehog needed antibiotic injections and the wounds cleaned and ointment applied.

One was so bad we did not think it would survive but it looks really good now almost totally healed. It has been treated each day for more than four weeks.

Just as we thought things were easing the RSPCA sent up a swan from Morpeth with a head injury. After being seen by David the vet he said it needed the same treatment as the hedgehogs.

The wound needs cleaning every day and ointment applied then an antibiotic injection given. When we treat the hogs we tip them on their backs and they obligingly roll up and lie still while we treat the wounds.

A swan is not so easy. It takes one to hold it while another does the treatment. It looks as though this regime will continue for several weeks.

It was thought the bird may have struck cables but we are not so sure.

It cannot go in the water yet due to its wounds and today we put in its food bowl and then tossed in a lettuce.

None of the other swans worry when we toss a lettuce to them but this bird shied away and drew its head down.

We think the bird had been attacked by having stones thrown at it. The type of wound it has would more likely be caused by being hit by a stone than a cable strike.

We were thinking last week that the only young animals that would be in at this time of year would be hedgehogs but this week two day old mallard ducklings were brought in after being left behind by the rest of the family.

They were wet and very quiet when they came in weighing together 58 grams.

After five days they weigh double that and are happily running about and sitting in their water bowl but once they get tired they find their fleece and heat pad and snuggle down together.

When I tried to get a snap of them they got up so this is the best I could do.

We are still in need of volunteers to help in the mornings with the cleaning and feeding.

If you would like to help please call in any morning except Saturday and we will happily show you round so that you can see what needs to be done.

We also need help with fundraising so please think about helping out.

Don’t forget to sponsor Karen Swinburn for her efforts in the Glasgow 10K on October 5th to raise funds for the Isolation Unit.

More next week.