Homes have been found for mum and two of her Collie pups

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The collie pups are doing well and we still have just one girl who is looking for a good home.

We’re delighted to say it looks like mum has found a home too.

The staffie pup is not doing as well and has been placed in foster to try and give it the best chance of strengthening her muscles.

She had an x-ray and there is an old fracture which clearly did not receive the correct treatment at the time.

It will be a while before she will be looking for the right home.

Gemma is around six months and has come on in leaps and bounds.

She will benefit from an enthusiastic home that will take her to training classes and continue to build on her new found confidence.

Narla, a small to medium short haired rust coloured cross, has been brilliant at brining Gemma out of herself and is trying her hardest to pass on some of her own football skills.

Narla is coming up for five and although she suffers a degree of separation anxiety (which she does not display at kennels) and is overly interested in cars, again something which she has learnt to control while being at the kennels, she is such a loving dog who is just keen to love and be loved.

We have some rather beautiful, semi-long haired black and white cats.

Pip and Shadow are looking for separate homes. Both have loving natures with Shadow being the more forthcoming of the two.

We were also joined by tabby Bonnie, who is just over eight. She has had a lot of upheaval recently and the arrival of a new dog gave her a, not too pleasant, change of personality.

Since arriving at kennels we have found her to be an absolute sweetheart who just wants a quiet home and a little bit of peace.

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