Hedgehog arrivals signal the early onset of autumn

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Almost another month has gone. This year seems to have gone so fast.

Already we have hedgehogs in that normally wait until September to come in. We are very pleased with two that were badly injured by strimmers.

The smaller of the two needs no more treatment, we are just waiting for the skin to look perfectly healed before she goes. The bigger one, now well over one kilo, will take a little bit longer as we are still having to clean the wound each day but it getting much smaller so she should be away before long.

We have five very tiny ones that will have to stay indoors through the winter as they will not be up to hibernating weight.

There are several more that may get up to weight too late to release giving them time to find a suitable hibernating spot, these will be allowed to hibernate here where we know they are safe. We still have hedgehogs needing sponsors so please think about helping us this way.

We have had two swans brought to us by RSPCA so our Big Pond is very full at the moment.

Several of the birds need medication daily and it can be quite a job catching them. They know that be staying in the very centre of the water we have a job to reach them with the swan-hook.

My son was home for a holiday and took a photograph showing swans and cygnets being fed their lettuce in the Big Pond.

Now that the college, university, and high schools start the new term many of our volunteers are unable to help out during the week so we really need more new volunteers. You don’t need to be young (most of us here are retired) - just willing!

If you can spare a few hours a week to help feed and clean the wildlife in our care please call in and we will show you round.

Most of our helpers start about 9.30am. We finish about 11.30am when we have a coffee and biscuit before leaving.

Most of our volunteers just do one day each week. You don’t need to know anything about wildlife.

We can give you training and you may find it much more interesting than you think. Look us up on face-book where volunteers often post their photos to let one another know how various ‘patients’ are progressing.

It can be messy work but it is also very rewarding, and we do have fun.

I wrote last week about our new Isolation Unit for which we are raising funds. We hope the building work will start next month.

Karen Swinburn is doing a 10K run in Glasgow on October 5th and is asking for sponsors to help raise the money for the new unit.

If you would like to sponsor her or a hedgehog or volunteer you can e-mail on swan-trust@hotmail.co.uk.

You can also order a 2015 Calendar which costs £5. For other ways to help us please look at our website swan-trust.org. to find out more.

That’s all for this week