Food needed for the hedgehogs

tawny owl
tawny owl

The plight of hedgehogs is at the forefront of my notes this week, we have never had so many poor small hedgehogs with us.

At the moment we have 20 hedgehogs with us. All of them will be with us throughout the winter. We have had to have an overflow from the recovery room so where ever we look there are hedgehogs cages. A few may get up to weight so we can allow them to hibernate but the majority will need feeding right through until early May 2016, this means we shall need eight cans of dog food each day until then.

We have people who regularly donate food but this year we need so much more than usual. Any meat variety of dog food is good but the loaf kind goes much further. Gravy types are very messy as the hogs walk over their food very often. With the gravy ones too they tend to get diarrhoea which is not good for them and horrible for us!

Please donate food if you can. We are on site every morning 9.30am till 12ish and will be pleased to see you.

You could also help by sponsoring one of our hogs. You can name it and call in when you can to see how its doing. This will cost £30 which will cover the cost of the food until it is released. You will receive a photograph of your hog and a monthly update of its progress. Perhaps it would make a nice gift for someone who is interested in wildlife.

The Buzzard that was flat out last week has brightened up and is now in the Big Aviary and he is certainly able to fly. It is amazing what a safe place and plenty of food can do. I was not able to get close enough to him for a decent picture as he either turned his back or flew right to the other end of the aviary.

I did get this picture of our Tawny Owl. He is recovering from an injured wing. He is a ‘red’ Tawny, these birds are normally much feistier than the ‘grey Tawny Owls. This one has always been very bad tempered but he looks very good now he just needs a couple more months to strengthen his wing.

We also have a cygnet from Haggerston. We think it must have flown in and got lost as none of the swans there would accept him. He has a very sore right leg but nothing is broken so David the vet gave us the verdict that it needed a bit of time- when have I heard that before! Maybe its a term all vet get round to using.

We are very busy preparing for our Christmas Fayre which is on Saturday, November 28, at Berwick Baptist Church Hall on Golden Square from 11am till 2pm. Come along and enjoy a coffee and mince pie and join in the fun.

There will be a huge tombola, sales to support the Trust, Bran Tub for the children and a Hedgehog Tombola. We also have books and DVD’s. Please come along and support us.