Caring for a wide variety of wildlife

One of the tiny hedgehogs which the Trust is currently caring for.
One of the tiny hedgehogs which the Trust is currently caring for.

The Trust at the moment has one of the largest variety of wildlife we have ever had.

We have swans, cygnets, mallard duck, kittiwake, blackbird, crow, jackdaw, a tawny owlet and an adult tawny, a kestrel, collared dove, swallow chicks together with a house martin.

We also have rabbits, hedgehogs weighing 1,200 grams down to 93 grams, and finally we have loads of herring gull chicks.

We are constantly having to move things around the site as they grow or improve in health. We have seven very tiny hedgehogs and the photo this week shows a very small one.

Although it fits in a hand easily it is very prickly. Kay said it is like trying to pick up a sea urchin.

We notice the prickles grow in all directions instead of laying one way like they do in an adult. It is probably for protection as if a dog or a fox tried to pick one up they would very soon drop it. All of these tiny hogs are growing very well.

The adult hogs that are with us are all poor things two have a skin condition that is currently being treated one has had a dislocated hip and one has had an operation to remove part of its hip joint.

One other came in only last night with over 50 ticks which had to be removed.

Caroline is looking after the swallow and house martin chicks at home and has done a great job before raising young birds.

The kestel is just a young bird that was not able to cope by itself. It is eating for Britain and is getting much stronger.

The kittiwake is a lovely little bird to look at, but when we take in its bowl of food he goes for us quite ferociously. He makes funny little noises like a dogs squeaky toy but his peck hurts.

The cygnets are growing well and as soon as the gulls are away they will go into the big pond.

The young tawny is now in the big aviary to perfect flying skills. He will be a red tawny as his feathers come in and has been quite aggressive since he arrived. Another few weeks should see him ready to go.

One of the rabbits was attacked by a cat and needed wounds treated but he has now healed and ready to go. The other rabbit is very tiny, under 100 grams. He has a heat pad to keep warm and he is eating up his vegetables so we hope he will make steady progress.

As for the gull chicks, we have emptied our freezers of fish which Reivers Fish Bar in Duns kindly save for us. So if anyone has any spare fish we would be very grateful. Eight of them will soon be away. We usually see them all off during August.

Now there is just a reminder that we have an Open Day on Saturday, August 1, and we will draw the raffle on that day. Everyone loves the Steiff hedgehog which is the top prize.

Look on our facebook page to see it.

After the Open Day we are holding our AGM which is open to all.