Boiler break-down leaves hedgehogs feeling the chill

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Last week I was in Pitlochry with my mum and daughter Debra enjoying a little Turkey and Tinsel holiday leaving Dick and other daughter Jackie to fill in for me at the Rollo Centre.

There are always repairs needing doing at the centre and we are lucky to have Jim and Dean who are very ‘on the ball’ we (Kay and myself) only have to mention that a pen needs a new latch or a nail here and there and it is done.

They don’t do plumbing however, a couple of weeks ago the boiler broke down and we could not get a plumber to get back to us after our phone calls.

We must have tried half a dozen, leaving messages on answer-phones in ever more desperate terms.

Dick said he would concentrate all his efforts whilst I was away in getting the heating up and running again.

The weather had turned colder and we were having to use electric heaters to keep the wildlife room warm for the hedgehogs, also the office where we have our after-work coffee and chocolate biscuit was freezing - something had to be done!

Dick went to the Plumb Centre to see if they new any plumber that might help us. Outside in the car park was a plumbers van.

He went in, found the plumber and persuaded him to come and look at the boiler. Thankfully he had a spare half hour and followed Dick up to the Rollo Centre.

There were several things wrong with the boiler but after having to order spares it now is back in action. When I went in on Sunday it was lovely and warm. Our grateful thanks to J. Rowley who was the plumber who kindly helped us. The hedgehogs are warm and we can have a cosy coffee in the office now.

I am hoping to see our new volunteer Kate who started on Wednesday and it seems she will be an excellent addition to our team.

All our hedgehogs are doing well. We weighed the cygnets again today and they are still putting on the grams and looking very fit.

We move them daily now from the pond to the grass area in the morning and then return them to the pond in the evening.

They have learned very quickly this routine and are always waiting at the gate ready to go. This system gives the birds the best conditions whilst they are in our care.

They will have to be with us now until the spring and this way they have plenty of space to move around. The photograph shows them walking round to the grass in the mornings.

I have another request this week. We are very short of newspapers.

We get some each week from the Tweeddale Press for which we are very grateful but they do not have as many as they used to.

We would be very grateful to receive any newspapers you can save. We shall be at the Centre each morning.

Next week I am off to Dubai to see our son David going with Debra and leaving Dick and Jackie to take my place here. I think I shall have to buy them both something special as a thank you.