B.A.R.K. News: Rabbit accommodation can’t come soon enough

We’re looking forward to the Berwick Riders Association fair this Saturday, April 5, at the Guild Hall. BARK will being selling some BARK items as well as a tombola.

The day will be rounded off by the sashing of the chief marshal at 6pm on the Guildhall steps. Something Berwick can be proud of.

Work is starting on our new rabbit accommodation this week which will be completed in time for our kennel open day on Saturday, May 24. We are also building a garden area which will be planted with lots of tasty treats for the rabbits and other small caged animals. In order to achieve this we are looking for some sleepers and paving slabs. Any donations would be very much appreciated.

Our new rabbit accommodation can’t come soon enough as we have a never ending stream of rabbits, as soon as one goes out another one, or even two arrive. This time of year, due to hormones, rabbits can get a little bit stroppy, and this is the main reason for them coming in.

One way to help is to have your rabbit neutered which apart from the obvious benefit there are some excellent health benefits. Why not consider contacting your vet for advice?

The feral cat, Oscar that came in a few weeks ago is really coming on. Life isn’t so bad for him now and he is turning into quite a character who really enjoys being stroked. He’s got enormous potential in the right home that will give him the time he needs.

We have lots of long term dogs who just need that chance. They’re not perfect but with your love and care they can be.

We recycle many items including pens, phones and biscuit wrappers. We now have an addition product to recycle all bands of air care products including bottle caps, trigger heads, air freshener and packaging and air freshener cartridges.

Please consider joining our Friends of BARK scheme and make a regular donation to BARK each month.