B.A.R.K. news

After the influx of abandoned animals over the last couple of weeks we thought things might calm down a little bit.

Last week we were contacted by a case of dog hoarding in a house, outside this area, to see if we could help.

What came in was a border collie mum and her three pups. Their condition was poor to say the least.

For poor mum, unable to care for her pups properly, it must have been very distressing. They are all exceptionally wormy, to the point that it is at dangerous levels for the pups.

To say they were dirty was an understatement, mum’s tail is so yellow, it is darker than the colour of a Marigold.

They are safe now, have had baths, although the staining will need to grow out. Mum was very timid at first but as she has learnt we are helping her pups all she wants is love and affection.

Although the pups are about nine weeks old it will be a few weeks before we can safely put them up for homing.

We hope that by the time you read this we will have been able to take at least two others from the house and as space becomes available more.

Meanwhile we had a lovely six month old collie in called Cassie. Typical little pup, she just loves to play. She’s a bright little thing and will learn quickly.

We have three more kittens up for homing one grey and two black. They are definitely on the more timid side, although one of the black ones is always first in the queue for food. No young children for these, but sensible older children may benefit them greatly.

Takara, the Akita, got a lovely groom thanks to Doggy Styles and Wot a Clip this week, she looks years younger and has a right spring in her step. Winners of our Summer Raffle 1st Prize - 1457 – Annie, 2nd Prize – 1819 – Ms Hodgson, 3rd Prize – 1789 – Ann Cowe - Congratulations!

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