100 years ago

RECORDS FOUND: An Edinburgh almanck, which has been dated as being from 1793, has been picked up by a curious Berwickshire shepherd at a sale: It has been found to contain in a wallet the certificates of two marriages that were celebrated at the old Toll House at Coldstream Bridge. One of the ceremonies was dated 1797, and the other a number of years later. It was at this old run-away marriage house, part of the bridge structure itself, that the great Lord Brougham was married. Another interesting paper in this ‘pocket’ was a hiring agreement for Encampment Farm in 1827. The wage given was 32 bolls of grain and 2 of potatoes, as well as the keep of one cow, and £9.

ANCIENT GAME: The St Boswells ba’ game was played in a high wind and biting cold. There was an exceedingly poor turnout of players.