Coldstream residents invited to share stories of lockdown

People in Coldstream are being asked to share their experiences of life in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Thursday, 18th June 2020, 7:30 am
People from the town are being asked to share their experiences.

Coldstream Community Centre is looking for residents to send their accounts of life in lock down so it can collate a memory bank of stories.

It will then display them sometime in the future at the community centre as an opportunity for Coldstream to remember this unique and strange time.

Kay Slater, trustee of the community centre, said: “This is a moment in time that will hopefully not be repeated and we would like to save it for posterity.

“We would like to hear from you about your experience of lockdown. If you want this to be anonymous then please just say gender and age range.”

The community centre would like short accounts covering such things as:

• Your situation – are you working or not?

• Are you a family or alone?

• What is your routine, if you have one?

• How are you shopping?

• Did you experience any acts of kindness or otherwise?

• How are you coping with home schooling?

• How have you adapted your business?

• What have you missed most?

• Has someone made your lockdown time bearable?

• How did you feel going in to lock down and how you think life will change afterwards?

Kay added: “All we want is a few paragraphs and you can either email us, message us or leave a sheet of paper in the post box at the centre.

“We want to hear from a true cross section of Coldstream people, from pensioners, from NHS and care workers, from shop keepers and workers, from children and teenagers ... from everyone.

“We will collect and collate them all and some time in the future, hold an exhibition in the centre where they will all be displayed as a poignant reminder of an unusual time.