Berwickshire High School diary: Challenges, Competitions and Cup Winners!

Berwickshire High School’s House System began in the 1930s when our predecessors proudly chose famous figures from the Berwickshire area as icons for our pupils.

S6 House Captains from left to right: Heather Kinghorn, Isla Taylor, William Leuty, Rowan Harvey, Calvin Adeosun, Chloe Scott, Tammie-Louise Hunter, Carys Bruce, Clarke Wilson.

These national treasures are Sir Walter Scott, of the Scott Clan, Sir William Douglas, who ruled much of Northumberland and Berwickshire and William de Home, a landowner who oversaw Home castle.

These names are a key symbol of the pride and history within Berwickshire High School, as their surnames have been adopted for our three competing houses; Douglas, Home and Scott.

In recent years, the house system had faded into the background of school life. However, over the last year, it has seen a bold resurgence.

Led by the PE department’s Mrs Morrison, who took the initiative to make it a prominent part of Berwickshire High School’s culture, the house system has expanded into something that all students are a part of. The House competitions have played a particularly strong role in increasing morale throughout the school and has created house pride.

In order to underpin our school’s core values, the school holds inclusive and varied house events that cater to all skills and interests of the pupils at BHS.

From poetry writing competitions to basketball games, the events are tailored in order to make sure there is something for everyone. These events allow students the opportunity to be awarded house points, which are tallied up over the year resulting in the winning house receiving the house prize, soon to be a House Cup. Students can also be awarded house points for academic achievement.

These rewards encourage pupils to follow Berwickshire High School’s core values, which are being committed, respectful, enthusiastic, supportive and safe.

A way in which students can display these core values is by taking the opportunity to apply for the role of House Captain in their year group.

Each year group is represented by three captains per house, who assist Mrs Morrison in organising the events.

The above photo shows the S6 House Captains Heather Kinghorn, Isla Taylor, William Leuty, Rowan Harvey, Calvin Adeosun, Chloe Scott, Tammie-Louise Hunter, Carys Bruce and Clarke Wilson who take a lead role in organising and supervising the activities.

We aspire to ensure that these traditions will continue within Berwickshire High School for years to come, as they, in these trying times, have proven to be an incredible boost to the morale of both pupils and staff alike.