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By The Newsroom
Friday, 20th June 2014, 6:49 am

At their weekly sale of primestock last Monday John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 865 new season lambs, 47 hoggs and young sheep and 195 ewes.

More lambs about nationwide, trade slightly easier.

New season lambs, leading prices per head:- Tex.x:- £115 Chesterhill, £110 Ewart, Holy Island, £108 Chillingham Home Farm, £107, £106 Lilburn Estates, £106 Branton Eastside, £105 Lilburn Estates, £104.50 Cresswell Farms, Holy Island & Holy Island (M Patterson). Sfx:- £105 Holy Island, Holy Island (M Patterson), £100 Lorbottle, Chesterhill, Doune Brae. Zwa:- £100 Stickle Heaton.

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New season lambs – Leading prices per kilo:- Tex.x:- 255.6p Chillingham Home Farm, 255.1p Cresswell Farms, 252.6p Ewart, 246.3p Lilburn Estates, 244.9p Brandon, Lilburn Estates, 244.6p Chillingham Home Farm, 243.6p Marshall Meadows (2), Lilburn Estates. Sfx:- 243.8p Cresswell Farms, 242.3p Pallinsburn, 241p Dunslaw, 238.6p Holy Island, Holy Island (M Patterson), 238.1p Doune Brae. Bel:- 236.1p Ladykirk.

Hoggs – Leading prices per head:- Tex:- £98 Black Heddon, £86 West Longridge, £74 Lorbottle. BF:- £90, £80, £71 Faughill.

More ewes on offer, selling at similar rates.

Leading prices:- Tex:- £105 Black Heddon, £100, £93 Pallinsburn, £90 Fowberry Moor, £88 Pallinsburn, £84 Pallinsburn and Fowberry Moor. Suf:- £103 Little Swinton. Bel:- £101 Chillingham Home Farm. Sfx:- £101 Chillingham Home Farm, £91.50p Fawdon Farms, £87 Titlington Mount, £86.50p Branton Eastside. Mule:- £87 Pallinsburn, £80 Branton Eastside, £78 Fawdon Farms, £77 Titlington Mount, £74.50p Marshall Meadows. BFL:- £90 Fawdon Farms. CHV:- £77 Fawdon Farms, £73.50p Chillingham Home Farm. BF:- £70 Fawdon Farms, £69 Branton Eastside, Titlington Mount, £65 Reavley Greens.

Rams:- Zwa:- £139 Stickle Heaton. Tex:- £104 Lorbottle Farm.

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At the annual Summer Show and Sale of prime cattle, sponsored by ATS Euromaster judge Mr S. Ramsey, Falsidehill, awarded the champion to Low Middleton Livestock for a heifer which scaled 540 kilos and made 250p pkg (£1350) to M/s M Malone, Edinburgh.

Reserve was awarded to a heifer from WB Hamilton, Bee Edge, which scaled 582 kilos and made 240p pkg (£1396) to WTS Forsyth and Sons, Peebles.

Results were:

Single native bred bullock - 1. Lauder Mains weight 626 made 2.12 to Scottish Borders Abattoir, 2. Longnewton weight 658 made 2.10 to M/s JA Waters and Sons, 3. Wester Middleton weight 602 made 2.20 to M/s Cropper.

Single Continental bullock - 1. Lennoxlove weight 652 made 2.21 to M/s Cropper, 2. Bee Edge weight 584 made 2.32 to M/s TA Shaw, Lauder, 3. Longnewton weight 610 made 2.03 to M/s Cropper.

Single native bred heifer - 1. Chapelhill weight 464 made 2.30 to Smith, Raeburn Place, Edinburgh.

Single Continental heifer - 1. Low Middleton weight 540 made 250 to Malone of Edinburgh, 2. Bee Edge weight 582 made 2.40 to WTS Forsyth and Sons, Peebles, 3. Upper Nisbet weight 658 made 203 to M/s Cropper.

Single cow - 1. Wester Middleton weight 706 made 1.60 to M/s I Ford, 2. Dunslaw weight 738 made 1.53 to M/s Foley Bros, 3. Phantassie weight 676 made 1.47 to M/s Foley Bros.

At their weekly primestock sale on Monday John Swan Ltd sold 101 clean cattle, 55 OTM cattle, 1,091 new season lambs, 202 old season hoggs and 533 ewes.

Bullocks (41) averaged 207.3p per kg and sold to 232p (+8.3p on week), heifers (59) averaged 208.3p per kg and sold to 250p (+1.3p on week) and 55 beef type OTM cattle averaged 132.5p per kg and sold to 180p (+4.1p on the week).

New season lambs averaged 246.1p per kg (-2.5p on the week) and sold to £120, old season hoggs averaged 137.9p per kg (n/c on week) and sold to £91.50.

New season lambs per head: Suff.x;- £120 Thornington, £114 Huntington, £113 Upper Bolton, £111 Coltcrooks, £110.50 Headshaw. L, Tex.x;- £116 Thirlestane,£114.50 Marvingston, £114 Legars, £113 Thirlestane, £112 Corsbie, £111.50 Thornington, Ham;- £106 Marigold, £100 Coltcrooks.

New season lambs per kg: Bel.x;- 269.4,261,255 Sydenham, Tex.x;- 260.8, 257.7 Huntington, 257.3 Corsbie, 256.4 Legars.

Old season lambs per head: Tex;- £91.50 Headshaw. A,£88, £86 Boon, Suff.x;- £88 Marvingston, BF;- £73.50 Elmscleugh, Chev;- £72.50 Shaws.

Cast ewes: Tex;- £116, £110, £100 Elmscleugh, £101 Upper Bolton & Legars, £96 Hyndsidehill, Suff;- £94 Legars, £92 Ardivot and Hyndsidehill, £91 Cockburn, £90 Upper Bolton and Mayfield, CM;- £91.50 Legars, GF;- £82.50 Elmscleugh, £79 Cockburn, £78 Hyndsidehill, £76 Marvingston, Inchkeith, Ardivot and Mayfield, Chev;- £76 Whitsome East Newton, £75, £73 Ardivot, Lleyn;- £78 Upper Samieston, BF;- £60 Ardivot.

Rams: Chev;- £95 Shaws, £91 Ardivot.


The Cumberland and Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc had forward 28 prime cattle, four young bulls, 21 over 30 month cattle, 2,583 prime lambs, 1,582 prime hoggs and 4,114 cast ewes and rams at their weekly sale at Longtown last Thursday.

Prime cattle again followed national trend and plainer sorts harder to cash but good quality still in demand. Top price to 217.5p for a Limousin heifer shown by Messrs A. and W.J. Taylor and Son, Dashwellgreen.

Bulls sold similar on the week to a top of 151.5p per kilo for Limousin from Waterhead of Dryfe.

A plainer show of cast cows saw trade a shade firmer and topped at 144.5p for a Limousin cow shown by Mr J. Watret, Burnside.

An unbelievable show of 2,583 prime lambs (1,500 up on the same sale last year) sold very well, although overall trade definitely easier on the week as more numbers come forward everywhere. Heavyweight lambs over 45 kilos short or requirements with the supply of lightweight lambs outstripping the demand today. Best quality export lambs keenly sought after and many more could be sold to advantage. Top of 300p per kilo for Texels from Netherplace.