Shop front scheme is full steam ahead

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The Eyemouth shop front scheme is going full steam ahead with the first shop, Looks Ahead now complete. 

Shop owner Maureen received the full 80 per cent available from the scheme. 

The community council has another three applicants, who’s applications will be looked at under the watchful eye of an independent adjudicator. Transparency is important but for obvious reasons it cannot go over people’s private information in public meetings.

The community council is encouraging shops and tradesmen to get their paperwork in quickly

It is aware of issues with waiting times for quotes which are holding peoples applications back. 

In agreement with Scottish Borders Council and the Community Council, it has a target area which is the high street and chapel street.

If funding is left after the end of February it will be opened up to the remaining fund to shops in side streets like Renton Terrace and Church Street.