On road to success with Truck Stuff

She’s been off the road herself for a few years now but Janice Bone is still right at the heart of the truck driving community thanks to her Berwick-based business.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 18th August 2013, 3:03 pm
Janice Bone checking out some of her custom designed embroidery at White Rig Truck Stuff
Janice Bone checking out some of her custom designed embroidery at White Rig Truck Stuff

Janice from Ayton, runs Whiterig Truck Stuff on the Ramparts Business Park, and since starting up the company from her home two years ago, she has seen it go from strength to strength leading to numerous expansions.

Having driven many a motorway herself Janice found that trying to get some decent shut eye in a lorry cab during the day was nye on impossible so decided to make herself a set of thicker curtains to black out the light.

These had the desired effect and after word spread amongst her fellow drivers she was soon inundated with orders.

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Now Janice can count Drysdales and Simpsons Malt amongst her worldwide database of clients but she said rather than being driven by the money she can make she wanted to do something to make life a bit easier for the men and women behind the wheel.

“Me and my husband to be John, who I met on the road, are right in the thick of the truck driving community, and I think you’ve got to know what it’s about to run a business like mine,” she commented.

“I pride myself on the fact that my curtains, mats and bed sets are all good quality and individually designed bespoke pieces.

“As customers have asked for different things I’ve taught myself different skills.

“I learnt how to design my own website and then when I linked it to a Facebook page business got a massive boost.”

Like with a lot of businesses, word of mouth has been a big player in Whiterig Truck Stuff’s success but Janice has also put the miles in to promote her firm.

“Truck shows are absolutely pivotal for a company like this,” she continued.

“We’ve just come back from one in Edinburgh which was a really good family show and we went to the first one of the season in Peterbrough in May.

“That was a great one for us and we were absolutely inundated with orders.

“Some weeks I think ‘I could do with a few more orders’ then boom, loads start coming in.

“I’ll never push my products on anyone. My customers are absolutely brilliant people and as long as they’re happy that’s enough for me.

“I haven’t got any big plans or ambitions for the future I’m happy to go along as I am.”