Live Borders announces new collaborative partnership

Eyemouth Leisure Centre is taking part in the new scheme.
Eyemouth Leisure Centre is taking part in the new scheme.

Charity Live Borders has announced a new leisure link partnership that will see its One Club members able to access leisure facilities outwith the Scottish Borders for the first time.

The scheme, involving five other areas will be known as the ‘Leisure Link Partnership’.

Live Borders’ One Club members will now be able to access gym, public swimming and fitness classes at leisure facilities across Highland, Moray, Orkney, The Western Isles, and Argyll and Bute at no extra cost.

Many of the individual Leisure Link Partnership sites will also offer access to other public sessions where cardholders can take part in many other activities such as running and indoor climbing.

The partnership means that when working away from home or on holiday, members from participating areas can, at no extra cost, use the local facilities as part of their existing home based membership.

Ben Lamb, director of operations at charity Live Borders, said: “We have a commitment to people across the Borders being healthier, happier and stronger, and this can now apply to people visiting the Borders as well as living here.

“We are constantly looking for ways to widen the services offered to One Club members and the Leisure Link Partnership offers that flexibility to locals and visitors alike.

“As an organisation, we are very committed to collaborating, and this an excellent opportunity for us to work with like-minded organisations,” he added.