D R Collin looks east to the Asian markets

D R Collin lorries heading out of Eyemouth
D R Collin lorries heading out of Eyemouth

Eyemouth-based D R Collin is looking at expanding its export market beyond Europe and into Asia, and has received the backing to do so.

The company does more than £50m worth of business, largely in France, Spain and Italy, exporting fish and live shellfish, and is in the Sunday Times top 100 in Britain’s mid-market private companies, with the fastest growing international sales.

The company’s success, despite its concerns about Brexit uncertainty, has seen it receive a seven-figure support package from HSBC to step up production in order to meet “strong demand” from abroad.

Eyemouth is its main base, and D R Collin is one of the town’s largest employers, with 197 people employed there.

It has nine factories in Eyemouth and managing director James Cook explained that it has invested in infrastructure in all the factories and have the capacity to expand over the next ten to 15 years.

The frustration and uncertainty the company has experienced over access to European markets if the UK crashes out of the EU without a deal has led the company to look further afield and they are focusing now on the South China/Pacific Rim, with the help of HSBC staff.

“HSBC are a global bank with a global market and a strong presence in the Pacific Rim so it makes sense,” explained Mr Cook.

“It’s a new and emerging market and they have an insatiable appetite for shellfish.

“It’s our aim to try and create opportunities in Eyemouth.

“We have nine operational factories in Eyemouth, have invested a lot in the infrastructure and they all have growth potential.

“It’s a long term project over ten to 15 years.”

Earlier this year D R Collin’s request for post-Brexit (no deal) haulage permits for their lorries to cross to Europe failed, however, since then they have been awarded three.