Cornhill firepits cook up a storm

A Cornhill company looks set to take the country by storm by dragging the firepit from the stone age cave into the 21st century.

Monday, 31st March 2014, 10:10 am
living north fire pit

Lithic Fire, based near Donaldson’s Lodge, has drawn plenty of interest with their new spin on an old idea - the firepit.

Lithic’s Ivor Scott, an expert in building with stone, said: “We decided to use my skills in stonework to design outdoor living products, starting with a simple firepit.

“This can be the old-fashioned version, where you leave your cooking in the coals, or, because we build them to stand above the ground, we offer ones with a tripod for a large cooking dish or cauldron as well.

“We launched this at Living North live at Gosforth at the weekend and it created quite a stir.

“We got the attention of a well known chef, Phil Leverington, who wants us to build him one at the Yorkshire Game Fair, for him to cook wild game on in front of large crowds of people. That will be great.”

Ivor added: “Although this is a very niche market and we’re taking it around the country, we want to grow the business here in north Northumberland.”

Lithic have received funding from Social Incubator North, to the tune of £25,000, which helped persuade Eve and Ivor that the idea was a goer. They are taking their firepits to a show at the prestigious Hampton Court Palace later this year. “The latter show in particular is considered very difficult to get into for a ‘start-up’ business, so we must have an innovative product,” said Ivor

He has been a dry stone waller since 1975, and is still looking ahead. He has hopes that the company’s growth will help preserve a dying skill.

“At the minute,” said Ivor, there’s only myself and Eve, so we’d love to get someone else in with a building background. It’s early days yet, but in the future it would be great to be able to set up an education facility where people can work in stone.”