Belhaven ‘very’ committed to brewing at Dunbar

The parent company of brewer Belhaven has announced a record set of profits.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 18th July 2012, 1:45 pm

Bury St Edmunds-based Green King made a £152m pre-tax profit for the year to April 29 - a rise of 8.6 per cent - with Belhaven products in total growing 3.9 per cent.

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Euan Venters (54), managing director of brewing/brands at Dunbar’s Belhaven Brewery, said: “The profit was driven very much in Green King by the managed pubs and, within that, the Belhaven managed pubs performed well. Belhaven brews all its beer in Dunbar - beer for Scotland, England and we export as well. Overall Belhaven products’ volume increased 3.9 per cent last year which was good and in a market that was declining, Belhaven did well. The reason Belhaven continues to do well is the quality of the beer we produce and last year we invested £850,000 in the brewery in Dunbar. We did that to increase capacity because Belhaven had been so successful and to brew it more efficiently. Having invested the money in the brewery, that really is about securing the future by making it efficient. Given the economy, we are always looking at ways of being more efficient but we are very committed to brewing at Dunbar.”

He added: “The other thing that is very important within Belhaven is the service - we use our own draymen, lorries and for the fourth year in a row we were voted the best supplier in Scotland.”