Swans released back on to river

Last weekend we managed to get two of our swans back onto the River Tweed.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 9th May 2015, 12:46 pm

One had been with us quite a while but when Dick released them on Saturday he said after a couple of minutes to get their bearings they both took off flying low over the water for a while before rising up.

He lost them round a bend in the river, but it was good to know that they were both up to full strength.

Graeme brought in a swan a few weeks ago.

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There seemed to be no injuries and no symptoms of illness but the bird was very lethargic- lying flat out after it had been examined.

We wondered if it was just an elderly swan finding the going tough after the winter

It was put in an undercover pen and given a bucket of food.

As soon as Kay left the pen the swan got its head in the bucket having a good feed.

It has eaten well since it came in and was happy to have company when we introduced another swan into the pen.

The bird had put on weight and we were considering releasing him soon.

On Saturday when Mike went in to feed the birds he found the bird dead.

If it was an old bird at least he had shelter and plenty to eat in his last few weeks.

All us volunteers hate it when something dies, we soon get to know the birds when caring for them.

We were thinking a couple of weeks ago that we were getting all our overwintering hedgehogs away when one was brought in.

It had been seen about for a couple of days in a garden during the day and when it arrived it was 400 grams.

It must have come out of hibernation very small and been struggling to find enough to eat.

He was very weak so he got a nice heat pad, a dish of food and a nice towel to snuggle up in.

This is a photograph of him last week, still small but he will lose his heat pad this week now he is up to over 500 grams.

We have had young Wood Pigeons, Collared Doves, and Feral pigeons in.

People are happy to bring them in as they know we help anything. All are doing well.

A Robin that has been with us for some time after injuring a wing has also been released into the Rollo Centre garden.

Some dates for diaries now, we are having an Open Day on Saturday, June 20.

Everyone is welcome to come and have a look round, there will be refreshments and the usual stalls.

There will also be a raffle and a tombola (yes, we shall be after your money) and a competition for the children so it should be fun.

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday 1st August and we shall be open before the meeting.

We have been given a beautiful knitted Mrs. Tiggywinkle to raffle. It looks lovely with her prickles showing through her hat and dress.

Tickets are available at the Rollo Centre (mornings 9.30-12.00) and will be drawn at the Open Day in June.