Plenty of work to keep trustvolunteers busy this winter

This year seems to be the shortest on record. October already! It certainly is tiny hedgehog time. They are still arriving so we need not worry about keeping our volunteers busy this winter. There will be plenty of cleaning out to be done.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 3rd October 2013, 7:18 am

One of our swans is causing some concern. It came from the Killingworth area and was very ‘shabby’ according to the RSPCA who brought her up to us. She was company for our shaky swan from the same area (the one with algae poisoning) and another with lead poisoning. They all get on very well together and when we added the ‘Surfing Cygnet’ to the group they all were happy to share the same bucket of food. The swans were happy to let the Cygnet sit by them on the grass.

‘Surfing Cygnet’ (he slid down quite a long water cascade on an ornamental lake) is now getting to his feet and walking- not brilliantly- but he is trying. He had no broken bones but had obviously badly damaged muscles and ligaments which have taken some time to repair.

The poorly adult swan suddenly just went off her legs. She had a high temperature so was isolated and put on antibiotics. She is slightly improving, is eating, but looks very sad. After four days of treatment we were hoping to see a brighter looking bird. We will just have to give it a bit more time.

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Our construction team are still working on the aviary which is now moving on apace. The area gets really waterlogged after heavy rain so drainage has had to be dealt with along the way. The picture shows work in progress. It will be perfect as it is sheltered from the main activity area by shrubs. We want as little contact as possible with any wild bird or animal so that they do not become imprinted.

The only exception to this rule are hedgehogs, however much they are handled and see us humans when we clean them out each day, they never look back when they are released. They just go off, not a word of thanks for all our effort either.

I have just heard that the Kestrel who has been with us a couple of months now should be released by the time we go to print. A nice happy outcome.

I must just say a few thank yous here. We were very surprised to receive a sizeable donation from The Pet Shop in Seahouses. They re-sell golf balls and the money raised is donated to us. A very big thank you to them. Direct Pets on Ramparts in Berwick have kindly agreed to sell our calendars, we much appreciate this. We are selling calendars, key rings and cards from the David Rollo Centre but we are normally only there in the mornings.

Do come along on Sunday mornings if you would like to sponsor one of our young hedgehogs we shall be pleased to see you.

We are in the throes of planning our autumn fair and would be very grateful for any tombola prizes and bottles for our bottle tombola. More details of when and where later.

That’s all for this week.