Musical chairs at the Rollo Centre

The best way to describe this week at the Rollo Centre is that it has been a ‘musical chairs’ week.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 21st June 2015, 6:14 am
One of the two young crows being cared for.
One of the two young crows being cared for.

We have been moving wildlife from one pen to another as more things come in. Gull chicks are tumbling off houses, young birds falling off branches and out of nests.

We have two young crows like the one in the photo this week, very messy but very entertaining birds to watch. They are very inquisitive youngsters, investigating what is lurking in the grass, pulling out duck feathers that were left from the previous occupant of the aviary. They were fun to twirl in their beaks and fight over. They clamber about on the branches flapping their wings furiously but going nowhere.

The two cygnets are growing very fast. They have been moved to the Lomax aviary where they have a trough of water. They have pretty well tripled their weight since they came in. They love having the extra space to run about. They are grazing the grass in the aviary which is very good for them.

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A young jackdaw that Una raised has been returned to the place it was found. These are also very intelligent birds and this one knew Una’s voice and called for food when she came into the room.

The blackbird is still with us. It is very reluctant to start feeding itself and we will move it to one of the smaller aviaries as soon as one is available.

The one we want to use is occupied by a mallard drake that Erica found in her garden. It was very quiet and let her pick him up with no problem. He has lost feathers and looks a bit the worse for wear. He is now eating and looking much better so I think he will be on the river tonight. Sometimes birds do just need a day or two to get themselves together if they have been beaten up.

We have been able to release five swans today, which will just leave us with four, but one of these is very poorly and is not likely to recover. It was picked up from the railway bridge last week but is still not able to stand. There are no broken bones but we suspect nerve damage.

Another swan was collected from the bridge later in the week but this one just had a few abrasions to his feet and was one of the birds released today.

This is always a very busy time of year for us, so do come along to our Open Day this Saturday, June 20, from 11.30am to 2.30pm and see what wildlife we are caring for, and see how the new isolation room is coming along also if you like to bake we would appreciate donations for the cake and candy stall.

We have a great tombola and raffle as well as plants and bric-a-brac.

Look forward to seeing you.