Golden Brown- Roy gives fans what they wanted

He’s not cut from the same cloth as prime time comics like Michael McIntyre and Miranda but judging by the response he received last Thursday night, Roy Chubby Brown is still doing something right.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 18th September 2013, 11:19 am

In an era where Frankie Boyle has made the headlines for poking fun at a disabled child, many comics shy away being controversial but not Roy.

And who can blame him? After 44 years of successfully overstepping the mark he’s still more than happy not to edge on the side of caution and it would seemed to all intents and purposes that that’s what his fans want.

After support band The New Retros had got The Maltings crowd suitably warmed up with covers of ‘Hanging on the Telephone’, ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’ and ‘Kids in America’, Roy arrived on stage to ‘Gangnam Style’.

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A rather unexpected entrance but what was to follow was classic Chubbs.

Definitely not a show for the easily offended, Roy once again ripped up the political correctness rule book to conjure up punchlines targeting gay people, Pakistanis and Paralympians amongst others.

Celebrities weren’t safe from his gags either with Claire Balding, Jimmy Savelle and Katie Price in the fiting line.

I’ll admit for someone whose comedy diet typically consists more of ‘Miranda’ and ‘The Royle Family’, Roy’s jokes left me squirming in my seat at times but daring to go that little bit too far is what the Northern comic has become famous for.

Interactions with the audience included playful digs at a group of workers from Wetherspoons and a guy who joked that he’d slept with Cheryl Cole- ‘Maybe the Barbie doll version!” the response from Roy.

Roy chose The Maltings as his location to shoot his new DVD and must have been over the moon with the rapturous applause and standing ovation at the end.

This was a man who knew how to play to his audience.