Couples unite in Coldstream

It’s often said never to work with your other half but two Coldstream couples are enjoying proving that notion wrong.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 20th June 2014, 1:00 pm
Poetry and art combined exhibition at Coldstream Museum:
Julie and Arthur Parsons, John and Lyn Davidson
Poetry and art combined exhibition at Coldstream Museum: Julie and Arthur Parsons, John and Lyn Davidson

Arthur and Julie Parsons and John and Lyn Davidson are toasting the success of ‘Spaces Between’, their exhibition at Coldstream Museum, which received its official launch earlier this month.

Arthur, Julie, John and Lyn are known collectively as 4go and their exhibition brings all of their very varied work together while also celebrating the differences between the various art forms.

‘Spaces Between’, was an idea which developed from a series of twelve poems which were penned by group member and published poet, playwright and short story writer Arthur.

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When the twelve poems were read between songs performed by a local choir, a member of the audience suggested that they be published.

Arthur approached John—an artist who uses many media including intricate woodcarving, painting and drawing to explore subjects—to illustrate his words and the first seeds of the exhibition were sown.

Arthur and John were joined by painter Julie Parsons, who expresses her passion for colour and design in various styles using mainly acrylics, and textile artist Lyn Davidson, known for employing a variety of techniques to create pieces for community projects and individual commissions.

The exhibition is running in Coldstream Museum until Sunday, July 27 , and has made a fine impression on those who has visited so far.

One of those is John Stone, who wrote the following review:

‘On Friday evening, June 6, in Coldstream Museum, a fascinating exhibition was opened to a large and enthusiastic gathering.

It was an impressive opening to an exhibition of quality, vibrancy and variety.

The catalyst for the work was the poetry of Arthur Parsons - a sequence of poems reflecting on the calendar year.

The illustrations for each of these poems was by John Davidson - and in turn led to other of his work, notably some wonderful wood sculptures.

John’s work has a directness, fluidity and energy that is truly inspiring.

And the amount of movement contained both in the two-dimensional works and the sculptures was exciting to behold.

Lyn Davidson presented the twelve months of the year as textile pictures.

The detail in the textures and flow of her pieces repaid careful examination in spades.

The vibrancy of the colours in her work complemented the monochrome element of John’s poetic illustrations.

Poetic nuggets also gave insight into Julie Parsons’ paintings, which provided interesting contrasts to the others’ work.

The boldness of the image-making in the more abstract pieces struck me most, particularly the comparison with her three more representational pieces.

So, the poetic muse provided both inspiration and an enveloping completeness to the event.

I wondered if the amount of visual material which was packed into that small space added to that sense of completeness.

This is a terrific exhibition which is free to visit- I urge you to go!’