Coppelia comes to life at The Maltings

If the bad weather at the weekend got you down the best antidote was to be found at the Maltings Theatre in Berwick when the Jane Keenan School of Ballet pupils gave two enchanting performances of the ballet 'Coppelia'.

Friday, 8th October 2010, 12:00 pm

It was a real coming of age for the ballet school - the girls and boys showed enormous skill, dedication and maturity in both their acting and dancing and all remained in character throughout to produce a wonderful performance that had beautiful dancing, comedy and an easy to follow story - what more could you ask for.

Jane has been teaching ballet in the Berwick area for almost 20 years now and the depth of her understanding of how to get the best out of every potential ballerina was plain to see in 'Coppelia'. For those of us who have seen many of the school's performances over the years there have always been the easy to spot Jane traits - beautifully positioned arms and feet from almost all of her dancers. But 'Coppelia' brought more.

Jane's son Edward was a revelation as Dr Coppelius and his comedy timing was enjoyed by all the audience, both young and old alike. The stillness of the dolls, never breaking out of character was very professional. Swanhilda (Emma Moses) and Franz (Daniel Clelland) were an absolute delight and again as well as their wonderful dancing, when they were sitting watching the guests in the third act both remembered to sit with poise and elegance throughout - just as you would expect from an adult, professional company. The older girls en pointe gave us some stunning individual performances, suggesting that there will be one or two professional ballerinas in out midst.

The only problem with providing such an amazing spectacle is how to follow it - but with Jane's inspirational teaching and choreography and her dedicated ballerinas it would be advisable to keep an eye out for next year's production.


Cast: Dr Copplelius- Edward Keenan, Coppelia- Sophie Moses, Innkeeper- Barbara Bryson, Swanhilda- Emma Moses, Franz- Daniel Clelland.

Swanhilda's Friends- Tanith Bain, Amelia Bell, Emma Currans, Wiila Eliot, Daisy Hicks-Watkins, Liberty Holloway, Katrina Ingledow, Clarissa Lauder-Frost, Megan Matthews, Joanne Spain, Bethany Thomas, Rose Wan, Caitlin Young.

Village Children- Jemima Cowan, Natalie Cutherbertson, Molly Dalgleish, Mackenzie Falconer, Jonathan Hoffman, Nina McCreath, Mary Miles, Beth Millar, Chloe Mullan, Molly Ryan, Daisy Waite, Susie Ward.

Dolls- Eden Anderson, Emma Cairns, Rosie Crowe, Ushika Kidd, Josie Newton, Brooke Plater, Kitty Seymour, Jessica Smith, Rachael Spain, Kelly Wan.

Spanish Doll- Alexandra Sibiropoulou, Scottish Doll- Caitlin Murray, Peace- Elizabeth Cryar, Bridesmaids- Alexandra Carranza, Paige Evans, Jaimee Lowson, Sophie Matthews, Kianna Overton, Freya Simpson, Amanda Smith, Tasmin McKechnie.

Work- Katie Murray, Bonnie Bain, Poppy Bain, Lily Hicks-Watkins, Emily Waugh, Phoebe Weddle.

Prayer- Grace Bennett, Waltz of the Hours- Grace Bennett, Elizabeth Cryar, Emily Cryar, Grace Gibson, Bethany Matthews, Tasmin McKechnie, Hannah Moses, Caitlin Murray, Katie Murray, Alexandra Sibiropoulou.