Prepare to be enlightened by famous medium Derek

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He played to a capacity crowd at The Maltings last year and psychic medium Derek Acorah is back in Berwick tomorrow night, fresh from trending on twitter last week.

The reason for Derek’s popularity with users of the social networking site was his appearance on Channel 4’s ‘Celeb Hunter: 2 Chairs, 1 Chat’ hosted by rookie presenter Chris Stark.

The premise of the show was that Chris had to blag an interview with some of his famous celebrities and Derek featured on the show alongside the likes of Rachel Stevens, Ricky Hatton and Colin Farrell.

“I felt at ease with Chris straight away,” Derek recalled.

“He was a really good lad and very honest. I could have spent hours with him if time allowed.

“Although it was a surprise for him to just turn up like that I have had something similar happen to me before when an Irish presenter asked to live with more for three days as part of her show.”

As well as starring in other people’s show, ‘Most Haunted’ star Derek is preparing to return to TV screens with his own show.

He is known for giving people an insight into their lives but his new programme, turns the camera on, looking at his personal life and some of the people he’s met over the years.

“The aim is to give people a look at the man behind the suit,” he explained.

“It’s been quite a strange experience but also a rewarding one when I’ve met people I first came into contact with years ago.

“One lady featured in the show had a private reading from me 27 years ago. She still plays the tape recording to this day and told me everything I told her was spot on.”

Derek’s new tour ‘Enlightenment’ sees him get up close with the people he has messages for and later this year he is expecting to be enlightened himself when he leads a spiritual trek across India.

“I’m expecting it to be a life changing experience for me and all involved,” he added.