Marilyn but not as you know her

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She’s a woman that’s garnered more column inches than most both in life and death but a show arriving in Berwick next weekend is aiming to show a different side to the global icon that still is Marilyn Monroe.

In the past few years alone, Dyad Productions have brought the likes of Elizabeth I and some of Jane Austen’s leading ladies to The Maltings stage and their next subject is the siren of the silver screen otherwise known as Norma Jean.

The legendary actress has been played by numerous women since her death, most recently Michelle Williams in ‘My Week With Marilyn’ and on Saturday, March 3 its the turn of Lizzie Wort.

But don’t expect all song and dance and the famous inflated white dress- Lizzie will delve into Marilyn’s inner demons and show why there was so much more to the movie matriarch than just big blonde hair and a beauty spot.

“We often refer to the show as onion, in as much as that the more it goes on the more layers to Marilyn’s character and her life are revealed,” she explained.

“Audiences will see her at her most exposed and her most candid.

“A lot of people have an opinion on who she was but there are a lot of things people, myself included, just didn’t know.

“The show, if you like, is a chance for her to have her voice heard.

“She was often written off as being silly and unintelligent when in fact she was very articulate.”

Lizzie herself admitted to dismissing Marilyn’s talents and not taking much interest in her work.

But she’s happy to report that after finding out more about the woman behind the name, she’s had her opinion completely altered.

“I’m guilty as charged for not thinking very much of her or even being that interested so my journey on the show has been a real eye opener.

“Elton Townend Jones (the show’s writer and director) has produced a fantastic script that was eight years in the making.

“It’s packed with fact and also some of Marilyn’s own words so its authentic as it is fascinating.”

Lizzie had worked with Dyad Production’s Guy Masterson in the past on a one woman version of ‘Animal Farm’, but being rather modest she couldn’t begin to imagine why she was chosen for Marilyn.

“I personally don’t think anything like her but apparently there’s something about my positioning of my face and bone structure that matches hers

“I think me being chosen was perhaps more down to my spirit and zest for life which is something Marilyn of course had.

“When I got the part I was told they didn’t want any kind of parody; they wanted a new Marilyn that no-one had ever seen before.

“I found footage on Youtube of her before the cameras started rolling which saw a very different edge to her.

“I see the show as Marilyn’s chance to let off some steam. She was very angry about a lot of things but then blasé about others.

“Most importantly I feel I have come up with my Marilyn.”

*Tickets still available.