La Mouche to fly into Berwick

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The Maltings is known for bringing top class entertainment to Berwick but next week the theatre will stage something created entirely within its own four walls.

‘La Mouche’, a remake of classic 1950s film ‘The Fly’, has been produced, directed by Maltings chief exceutive & artistic director, Matthew Rooke.

Having steered the theatre into a very strong position, with over £500,000 spent on tickets in the last year by 64,000 visitors, Matthew has enjoyed the challenge of embracing the creative side of his title.

And the result is a playful slice of theatre which Matthew is very proud of.

“The Maltings has been a great receiving house for some fantastic work but now we’re in the position that we’re in I want to be able to produce more ourselves.

Why spend all our time bringing people in when we can deliver work that is equal to if not better than it.

“‘Here Come The Girls’ is a great example of that and I’m confident ‘The Fly’ will continue the trend.”

Starring Euan McIver and Holly Thomas, last seen in Duns Opera’s ‘Me & My Girl’and Mark Vevers on stage tonight and tomorrow in ‘Here Come The Girls 2’, ‘La Mouche’, takes ‘The Fly’ from Canada to post-WW2 France for what Matthew described as “a real romp.”

“If It without a doubt one of the best pieces I’ve been involved in. It’s a splendid mix of farce, comedy, dance and mime and it has some great physicality.

“There are some real guffaw moments but then there is also plenty of more subtle humour. And the best thing is that the actors often step out of character and engage with the audience.”

Matthew was full of praise for his cast of three who he said emphasise just what fantastic talent Berwick and Berwickshire has at its disposal.

“Although he does a terrific job in many local productions, people forget that Euan is actually a respected professional actor.

“He was in the thick of the cutthroat realms of American TV drama and understudied the great Stanley Baxter in the theatre.

“And Mark too has been in many professional productions outside of Berwick and is a brilliant character actor.

“And having been a director herself Holly is a dream to work with as she knows exactly what you want from a performance.

“All three have such a great sense of physical humour.”

As well as guiding his cast through the show, Matthew has also composed its soundtrack, which he feels really captures the mood of great noir and horror movies from days gone by.

“If people know the genre of 1950s B-movies they’ll recognise the sounds; they’re very eerie and atmospheric.

“The music really is the set as it brings the piece to life in a way that scenery couldn’t.

“It was all created using a software package but produces a really big sound.”

To listen to an excerpt from ‘La Mouche’s soundtrack click on

The show will be performed in the Henry Travers studio on Thursday April 24 and 
Friday, April 25, starting at 8pm.