It’s all change for the BBC

ThiS month’s Berwick Broadcasting Corporation Show is set to be a bit controversial.

For the first time since its inception three years ago, their show this month will be partly improvised by the cast with suggestions from the audience. Telling classic radio tales with well known characters ‘Flash Gordon’ and ‘Hercule Poirot’, the audience are invited to throw a spanner in the works at various opportunities throughout the night.

“It certainly has the potential for disaster, but we feed on danger and laugh in its face here at the Berwick Broadcasting Corporation,” said Artistic Director, Rob Wilkinson.

As well as the one-off change in style, this Sunday’s special edition of the show has a special one-off new venue. The show commences at 7pm at the newly opened Cornerhouse Cafe on Church Street. Admission is free and laughs are guaranteed.