Manager Rae suffers suspected heart attack

BERWICK team manager Ian Rae is in hospital this week after suffering a suspected heart attack.

‘Razor’ was rushed to hospital on Monday suffering from pains to his chest and he is due to undergo a routine cardiac prodedure later this week.

“As someone who was unfortunately placed in a similar situation less than a year ago, I know how stressful running a speedway club can be,” said club director John Anderson.

“Since adding team management to his duties as track curator – in addition to holding down a full-time job, of course – recent pressures on Ian brought about in the main by problems in respect of a need to make changes in our line-up, have been colossal.

“His workload while working on all the problems – ironically recognised by the club with a special presentation to Ian on Saturday night – was incalculable, and it is just awful he’s fallen ill just as we have a bright light shining in from the end of the tunnel.

“As always at Berwick, we will rally round and share out Ian’s duties until he’s well again. My co-director George Hepburn and his team will control track preparation,

“I’ll probably run the team on Saturday – and with regard to administration and contacts within the sport we are very well-served with experienced people such as Dennis McCleary and Dick Barrie to call upon.”