Berwickshire News photographer Michael had a rare gift

SIR, - I see by the Berwickshire News that Michael Reilly is retiring. I am sure that we are not the only ones to be sad to see him go.

The first thing I do is to look for Michael’s pictures each week.

All the time I have been involved in scouting in Eyemouth and Berwickshire (42 years in all) the Berwickshire News has covered all our events.

It has been a great pleasure to have known Michael all those years. He has been a great help to scouts also to other events I have been involved with, museum and Herring Queen and many others.

He has given me lots of advice on photography, which I have done for 50 years.

But not in the same class as Michael.

So my thanks to you and Michael for all your help.



SIR, - Please may I urge, if not insist, that the Tweeddale Press publishes a book of Michael Reilly’s photographs.

I first got to know Michael when I was director of the Paxton Trust and urged him to mount an exhibition of his work which we would show at Paxton. Being far too modest, Michael declined.

Having published books of photography myself, I am very much aware that Michael has the “eye”, the rare gift in a photographer of being able to make a blank wall look attractive.

I am convinced that such a book would be a best seller, not only in the Borders but amongst the much wider fraternity of photograph lovers.


Edington Mill